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PRR Frequently Asked Questions

PRR Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Middle States Periodic Review Report (PRR)?
The Middle States Accreditation Report, which includes an extensive self-study and site visit by external visitors, occurs every 10 years. Duquesne's last accreditation review occurred in 2007-2008.

The PRR is a mid-point review that occurs 5 years after the accreditation review. It is a substantive report of about 50 pages plus appendices. We are required to review our accomplishments of the past five years and a summary of our strategic plans for the next five years.

There are three important areas which the PRR must address: assessment, budget, and the linkage of assessment results with planning and budget.

When is our PRR due to Middle States?
Our report is due on June 1, 2013.

Who will produce the PRR document?
Dr. Alexandra Gregory, Associate Provost/AAVP, is the Accreditation Liaison Officer of the University. She is responsible for coordinating the report and will work with various entities throughout the University on the report. A PRR Advisory Workgroup will assist Dr. Gregory.

What data are used to generate the report?
Data for the PRR will be taken from existing reports from various offices, such as Enrollment Management, Institutional Research and Planning, and Management and Business. We will also list concrete examples of programs that have done an outstanding job of using assessment to shape their strategic or academic planning. These examples will be used with permission of the program which is our usual practice.

Who will review the PRR?
The draft report will be reviewed by many stakeholders throughout the University, including the PRR Advisory Workgroup. A draft will be placed on DORI for review and comment by the entire University community in early Spring 2013 and the Board will also review the document. The final document will be submitted to Middle States after revisions based upon feedback.

How can I find out more about the PRR?
The link to the Handbook for Periodic Review Reports is: http://www.msche.org/publications/PRR-Handbook-2011-FINAL.pdf

You can also contact Dr. Gregory at gregorya@duq.edu or 412.396.4525.