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The Administrative Policies (TAPs)

The Administrative Policies can be browsed here. A pdf (printable) version of each tap is available at the bottom of each page.

Employee Rights and Notices

Bullying in the Workplace

Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act

  1. The Administrative Policies (TAPs) — Manual For Employees
  2. Post Retirement Medical Benefits
  3. Classification of All University Employees
  4. Recruitment and Employment Procedure For All Employees
  5. Wage and Salary Administration and Position Classification
  6. Selection, Assignment, Transfer, and Promotion Non-Faculty Employees
  7. Ethics Reporting Policy and Procedure
  8. Employment Records
  9. Military Leave of Absence
  10. Termination of Employment – Notice Guidelines, Non-Faculty Employees
  11. Fair Labor Standards Act, Affordable Care Act, Telecommuting
  12. Insurance Benefits — DUFlex
  13. Academic Benefits — Tuition Remission
  14. Holidays/Holy Days For Administrative/Professional and Support Employees
  15. Sick Leave, Short-term and Long-term Disability Benefits
  16. University Sponsored Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
  17. Vacation For Full-time, 12-Month Clerical/Secretarial and Administrative/Professional Employees
  18. Retirement Benefits - All University Employees
  19. Bereavement Time, Non-faculty Employees
  20. Jury Duty Time – All University Employees
  21. Employment of Relatives of University Employees
  22. Emergency Closing or Partial Shutdown of University
  23. Leaves of Absence: Family and Medical Leave and Personal Leave
  24. Workers’ Compensation
  25. Smoking Policy
  26. Computing Ethics and Guidelines
  27. Political Activity At Duquesne University
  28. Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
  29. The University Environmental Health and Safety Policy
  30. Affirmative Action, Equal Educational and Employment Opportunity, and Human Relations in The Workplace and Classroom
  31. University Policy On Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct
  32. Drug-free and Alcohol-free Working and Learning Environment
  33. Conflict of interest Policy
  34. Appointment of Exempt Administrative and Professional Employees
  35. Fund Raising/ Public Affairs/Alumni Relations/ University Events/Government Relations
  36. College and University Security information Act
  37. Soliciting, Petitioning, Distribution of Literature, Demonstrations and Picketing On Campus
  38. Employee and Student Use of University Motor Vehicles
  39. Records Retention Policy
  40. intellectual Property Policy
  41. The Use of Human Subjects in Research
  42. Research integrity
  43. Supplemental Income from Grants
  44. Research Proposals to Governmental, Corporate, Foundation and Private Sources
  45. Conflicts of interest in Grants and Sponsored Research Projects
  46. Faculty, Staff and Student Participation in Commercial Entities
  47. Honorary Degrees and Speakers for Commencements, Convocations and Other University Events
  48. Workplace and Campus Violence and Weapons Policy
  49. Immigration Policy
  50. Protection of Minors
  51. Guidelines for the Safe Sale or Serving of Food and Beverages

Download the list of TAPS for printing.