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Email Overview

Office365 Coming Soon! 

Office 365

Your Duquesne e-mail account is your primary means of communication between you and other Duquesne community members such as advisors, instructors, classmates, students, co-workers, and associates.  DU Email is the official vehicle for the University to communicate with you regarding important issues including billing of student accounts and campus emergencies, news, and events.

Account Creation
Your email account will be automatically created when you have been entered into our administrative system, Banner.  As a student this will be when you are deposited, as a faculty, administrator, or staff member it will be when you are made active in Banner by Human Resources.

Use MultiPass username & password
You will use your email address and MultiPass password to access your DU email. If you are unsure of your username, please visit this link:  http://www.duq.edu/multipass

 If your MultiPass username is not available please consult your advisor (students) or hiring department to verify you have been entered into the University's administrative system.

You can access your mail one of several ways:

Storage Limits

All email accounts have a limited amount of storage, so it is important to properly manage your account.

For methods on preventing you from reaching your limit, please see the document on Best Practices.
For rules and regulations by which you must abide to use DU email, see Email Policies.

Account Removal

Student email accounts will be deleted 1 year after the student has left the University (graduation or otherwise).

Employee accounts will be disabled upon leaving the University and deleted 30 days after.

Retirees (of 10 years or more) can retain email accounts indefinitely, please contact HR for more information.


What are the other Microsoft Outlook 365 features?

Duquesne’s new email also provides access to the following Microsoft services:

• Messenger-- IM integrated

• Mobile – Anytime Access.

• Spaces – Create your own web space.

• Office Live Workspace – Save, Access and Share Files Online.

• Windows Live Writer - Create blogs.