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Email - Distribution List Overview

Requesting a List

Duquesne employees can request an email distribution list by submitting a request form to the CTS Help Desk.

Download the form

Subscribing/Unsubscribing to a Distribution/Mailing List:


You can join a list by sending a message to the List Server. For example, if Jane Doe wants to join an open list called UniversityNews, she would send subscribe UniversityNews (or unsubscribe) as the body of her mail message to lyris@lyris.duq.edu (the email address for the List Server controlling the UniversityNews list), leaving the Subject: field blank.


For example:

To: lyris@lyris.duq.edu
From: jdoe@duq.edu

------- Message Text --------

subscribe UniversityNews


A confirmation email will then be sent. You must reply to this email to be subscribed. If the list is private, the request will be forwarded to the list owner for approval. (No confirmation is needed for unsubscribing.)