Computing & Technology Services Help Desk

2nd Floor Student Union
Phone: 412.396.4357
Cell Phone: 1.888.355.8226
Fax: 412.396.1125

CTS Service Center
Located on Second Floor of Union
Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: 12pm-4pm

CTS Main Office
Phone: 412.396.6200
Located in Concourse Level of Rockwell Hall

Main Office Hours
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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    Office 365

    Account Creation

    Your Duquesne e-mail account is your primary means of communication between you and other Duquesne community members such as advisors, instructors, classmates, students, co-workers, and associates. DU Email is the official vehicle for the University to communicate with you regarding important issues including billing of student accounts and campus emergencies, news, and events 

    Your email account will be automatically created when you have been entered into our administrative system, Banner. As a student this will be when you are deposited, as a faculty, administrator, or staff member it will be when you are made active in Banner by Human Resources.

    The password for this account is controlled by our multipass system. If you need to reset your multipass you can do that here:


    Mobile Phone and Client Setup


    Other Useful Links:

    Mobile Phone Setup

    Connecting Via Outlook 2010/2013

    Connecting Via MacMail

    (Note: Please do not setup account as anything other than exchange!)



    Calendaring is done through Office 365. This PDF can assist with the basic operations.

    More information can be found through Microsoft here.

    Any questions or concerns about calendaring please call CTS Helpdesk at 412-396-4357. or by email at



    Generic Email Accounts
    • Generic email accounts are created by our system team for use by faculty and staff
    • Generic email accounts can be logged into here:
    • Generic email accounts also have a seperate suffix for logins (ex.
    • Users may still give the suffix as the "send to" address. (ex. would be forwarded to
    • Generic email accounts can still be connected to clients and phone. Please see above for setup assistance.



    Mass Mailing information

    When University departments need to send emails to a large group of people, (more than 300) please notify the help desk during your planning phase. Large mass emails can obstruct the flow of normal email during peak use hours. Do not send a large email via Outlook. We use Lyris distribution lists or our Student Mass Mailer application for these purposes because these methods are automatically delayed until 8 p.m. to avoid this conflict.

    People that intend on sending mass mailings should abide by the chart below to not cause unnecessary Spam during peak use hours:

    Sending Method

    Population / Sending Time

    Mail environment impact

    Mail Client (ie.Outlook, Mac Mail)

    not queued, sends right away

    large impact , not recommended!!

    Lyris - email distribution lists

    messages to over 1000 are queued until 8pm

    small, recommended

    Student Mass Mailer

    all messages queued until 8pm

    small, recommended