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    Microsoft OneDrive for Business


    Microsoft offers two products called "OneDrive".  The product that connects to your Duquesne Office 365 account is called OneDrive for Business. It does come with the Office ProPlus installation available at  It is a cloud-based storage area that offers 1TB of space for any file type, including pictures, music, and other documents. 

    The One Drive for Business is part of the Office 365 ProPlus suite. This tool can be used in two forms, the web form and the application form that comes with Office ProPlus installation. CTS is working with Microsoft to overcome severe limitations with the desktop synchronization application. At this time we strongly recommend to avoid using the desktop sync app by logging in directly at


    Storage of University Documents

    OneDrive for Business is a cloud based service where you can backup files and have access to them from mobile and other devices. OneDrive for Business promotes collaboration by allowing sharing of files with in domain individuals (with email addresses). One Drive for Business, as with email, is NOT the place to store social security numbers, student grades, or credit card numbers.

    Employees: OneDrive for Business is NOT designed to be a folder and file share for departments, please use Einstein, Plan-Bud, or similar technology for this purpose.


    PLEASE NOTE: Your license for these products is tied to your Duquense account and will go away with your Duquesne account. Accounts automatically expire 12 months after graduation. Please be sure to have everything backed up.


    Getting Started

    The OneDrive for Business web interface is available via Outlook Web App and includes access to popular Microsoft Office Apps including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint:

    1. Log into you email account here:

    2. The OneDrive for Business link is one the top right of this screen and looks like this.


    3. Inside OneDrive for Business is where documents can be managed, created, uploaded, and shared. For more information on specific functions within OneDrive please see the documentation below.

    Download the App

    A sync tool is available for Windows 7/8**, for mobile devices via the Microsoft Office app (not the OneDrive app) in app stores, and will be available for Macs in the future that will sync your cloud stored files to your devices.

    **On the Windows 7/8 page scroll to the bottom to select your language and version to download.


    Sharing and Uploading

    OneDrive is designed for sharing. Please see our documentation below for some introductory instructions on sharing and uploading your files.

    Please Note: Users outside Duquesne without Microsoft accounts will need to create one in order to share documents 


    Please review this document for assitance with uploading files.


    For sharing documents and checking permission level please check out our pdf here


    For help finding and moving files please click here.



    Versioning allows users to retain multiple copies of a document. Allowing users to go back to earlier versions.

    Please review our versioning documentation here.

    Restoring Versions

    For information on restoring previous version please click here.


     Creating Documents

    OneDrive for Business allows users to create office documents firectly inside the OneDrive application, no installation nessesary.

    For information on creating documents please check out our PDF


     Editing Documents

    You can edit document directly from within OneDrive for Business using the office application. You can also save documents directly to your machine, edit, then re-upload to the OneDrive for Business site.

    Please check out our documentation for more information.


     Checking In/Out Files

    When collaborating with others it is important that users are not writing over each other work. By checking in and checking out files within OneDrive for Business you can be sure that changes made to the file are correct.

    Click here for more information on checking out files.



    Repairing OneDrive for Business

    You may have need to run a repair on your OneDrive account. This repair can correct issues with sync errors and files being unavailable. Please check out our documentation here.


     Further Information

    For further information and frequently asked questions direct from Microsoft. Please visit their page here: