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Staff Technology


Your MultiPass is your key here at Duquesne University. This creates the password and username for all of our systems: Email, Dori, and DuqNet WiFi. You are required to change your password every four months. You will be reminded when you log into DORI if your password is about to expire. 

Network Access

If you are a staff or administrator attempting to connect to the campus network with a DU owned machine, you should be able to simply start the computer and it will already be connected. New faculty, however, may first need to make sure that they have an available internet connection or port; more information on this subject is available in the page on Port Activation. All active employees can use DuqNet wireless to connect with DU-owned or personal machines with wireless capability.

Personal machines not owned by Duquesne University will need to be configured to connect wirelessly on campus. Instructions can be found here.

There may be times when you have valid guests or visitors that need wireless access. Please send these requests to Help@duq.edu with the username and password you prefer as well as the duration you will need the acccount open. These will be examined and approved or disapproved by the Help Desk. 


Duquesne email is operated by Microsoft through their Office 365 product. They provide a multitude of services including: email, calendaring, generic email accounts, and distribution lists. Future services may include included Onedrive, Sharepoint, and Spam Quarantine. Please visit our Office 365 page for more information. 

Access Requests

If you need access for you or another user you may need to fill out a request form for permission. This access can include Banner, Cognos, and or file shares (i.e. Einstein, Plan-Bud). If you require this access, please visit DORI.