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DuqNet Wireless Connectivity Issues

Published: Sept. 25, 3:44pm

CTS has not received any additional reports of student wireless issues since the change made to the network infrastructure on 9/23 at approximately 4pm. The network group will continue to monitor the IP pool to ensure the IP's are being distributed correctly. Thank you for your patience while CTS worked to resolve the connectivity issue.

Published: Sept. 23, 1:44pm

On 9/22 at 4pm, CTS made changes to how IP addresses are distributed across the IP pool. These changes seem to have stabilized the wireless network (DuqNet) currently. We are continuing to monitor the wireless network. Further updates will be provided by CTS as soon as they become available.

Published: Sept. 22, 3:05pm

Currently, CTS has identified issues with the way that DuqNet is assigning IP addresses, which is causing connectivity issues.

When people connect to DuqNet they receive an IP address from a shared pool of addresses. Those addresses get consumed by nearly 12,000 devices a day. Sometimes devices that go to sleep or go offline by roaming may retain an address, thus causing the pool of addresses to be completely consumed. The problem we are now experiencing is that the number of available IP addresses gets exhausted in the afternoon.

We are working to adjust the manner in which IP addresses are assigned. We believe this will prevent the pool from being exhausted during the afternoon. We will monitor the IP usage and continue to adjust if necessary. We will provide updates as they become available.