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Logjam Vulnerability

Today's Advisory: Logjam Vulnerability, and Hardening Your Cryptography


A Security Advisory has been issued for a new vulnerability that exploits a cryptographic weakness allowing an attacker to eavesdrop on client-server communication. Servers that support DHE_EXPORT ciphers are primarily at risk. If you administer a server that is running a web server or mail server and has a SSL Certificate for encrypted data transmission, your server should be evaluated to determine if it is vulnerable to the Logjam vulnerability.

For more information, please see the following advisories:



CTS recommends the following actions:

Run a scanner that will identify if your server is vulnerable. https://weakdh.org/sysadmin.html
Assess the status of each server.
Update the server cryptographic libraries.
Harden the server crypto configurations.
Contact the CTS Help Desk for assistance.

If you use a browser....

Make sure you have the most recent version of your browser installed, and check for updates frequently. Google Chrome (including Android Browser), Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari are all deploying fixes for the Logjam attack.

If you have any questions, please contact the CTS Help Desk and refer to ticket #290459.

Thank you,

CTS Help Desk

Duquesne University

Student Union 2nd floor



fax: 412-396-1125



Tech Tip: As a reminder, in order to maintain the highest level of security and functionality of your systems, it is good practice to stay current on all operating system and application updates and patches.