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Security Digest Vol. I (Spring 2016)

Volume I

Welcome to Volume I (Spring 2016 Edition) of the DU Cyber-Security update. Here are some highlights and exciting initiatives that we wanted to bring to your attention:

Student Cyber-Security Training Contest

Much like the program that we ran over the summer for employees, we held a student contest in the Fall to increase awareness about cyber-security. We had many students take advantage of the training and even awarded some prizes to participants! If you missed the opportunity to do the online Cyber Security training last summer, it is still available through the CTS website at www.duq.edu/cyberaware .

Data Privacy

Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others have become a vital part of the way we connect with our colleagues, students, and friends. Protecting your personal information is critical in today's day and age. Click here for tips to keep your identity safe when online: https://staysafeonline.org/stay-safe-online/protect-your-personal-information/social-networks

Coming Soon:

BROWSER ALERT! You are about to download a virus!

Spyware, malware, and viruses are one of the ways that cyber criminals are able to gain access to sensitive data on your computer. Cyber criminals create websites that download these malicious to your computer when you visit a website. To address this risk and protect our campus assets, CTS is working to put a new tool in place that will block viruses from being downloaded to your machine. This new tool will present a message the indicates that the file has been blocked and provide the name of the file that was blocked.

An example of what this page will look like:

Firewall Alert