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Virus Overview

Every day, new viruses are being created. To protect your data, you must remember that it's not a question of if disaster will happen-- it's a question of when. Viruses are among the most common causes of such disasters, which is why having anti-virus software is critical.

To help in protecting you and your data, CTS has put together some recommendations on how to back up your data and maximize the effectiveness of your anti-virus software.

Norton Anti-Virus is available for purchase for personal computers from the Computer Store for Windows and Macintosh.

All DU-owned computers have managed Windows Defender installed, that is automatically updated when you are on the DU network, and automatically runs a scan on Thursday's at noon.

Free or trial versions of anti-virus products:

  • We recommend Windows Defender for a free Windows anti-virus/anti-spyware solution
  • For virus removal we recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Windows or Mac.

Technical Support

If all else fails, or you are unable to perform the above procedures on your own, you can contact the DU Computer Store or another vendor to perform these actions for a fee. The Computer Store is located on the 2nd  floor of the Union. They can be reached by phone at 412.396.5645.