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CIT Madness

CIT Madness will start again Spring Semester 2016

View the completed bracket here

Thank you to everyone who played!
Check out our Hall of Fame to see the winners!

What is CIT Madness?

CIT Madness a fun and friendly competition inspired by college basketball's March Madness. In our Catholic Intellectual Tradition (CIT) version, players learn about diverse Catholic intellectuals while competing for a chance to win our Grand Prize.

Who can play?

Any Duquesne student, faculty member, staff member or alumni can play and is eligible to win the iPad Mini!

How does it work?

The competition begins with 64 Catholic intellectuals paired in 32 head-to-head matches. Click the name on the voting ballot to learn about each intellectual. Vote for your preferred intellectuals on whatever basis you like. Perhaps you'd like a scientist to win, or one of your favorite artists is among the intellectuals. Maybe you're a member of an organization that chose to sponsor an intellectual (see below).

Catholic Intellectuals advance by receiving the majority of votes in any given round of play. Each round, we will count the votes, update the bracket, and post the next ballot. Each round of voting will reduce the pool of Catholic intellectuals by half (64 names, then 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and finally the winner).

Do I have to vote in each round?

Vote in as many or as few rounds as you want. However, the more you play the greater your chance of winning.

How do I win?

When you select your favorite intellectuals you're not only voting for them you're also predicting which intellectuals will win their match-up. You get points for voting. Every time an intellectual you voted for advances to the next round you receive additional points. Your final score is the result of how often you voted and how often you correctly selected the intellectuals who won their match-ups. Whoever has the most points at the end wins!

How can my organization get involved?

Organizations can now choose to sponsor a Catholic intellectual, which means that they are rooting for that intellectual to be the grand winner! Get your members to vote, advertise for your intellectual-just try to convince other voters to help your intellectual win. If your organization's intellectual advances the farthest we'll cater your next organizational meeting!

How does my organization sponsor a Catholic intellectual?

Contact the CCIT Graduate Assistant, Laura Dunson, at

Sponsored intellectuals in Spring 2015:

Stephen Colbert-- Spiritan Campus Ministry
J.R.R. Tolkien-- Honors College
Oscar Romero-- The Center for Community-Engaged Teaching and Research
Immaculée Illibagiza-- Consistent Ethic of Life
Benedict the Moor-- Freshman Development and Special Services
Marshall McLuhan-- Ad Club
Thomas Merton-- Office of Multicultural Affairs
Billie Holiday-- History Department
Fr. Libermann-- Gumberg Library

Special thanks to Ad Club for their help promoting CIT Madness!