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Priorities and Strategic Goals 2014-2016


•     Foster substantive scholarly engagement with CIT at Duquesne.
•     Impact scholarship and problem-solving beyond Duquesne.
•     Nurture an educational community characterized by the Spiritan charism.

Strategic goals

1.   Contribute to Duquesne University's Catholic and Spiritan mission.
      •     Facilitate institutional culture and practice consonant with our mission and identity.
2.   Increase DU faculty and student facility with CIT
      •     Utilize diverse forms of faculty support and create new opportunities to broaden and deepen faculty conversancy
            with CIT.
3.   Produce scholarship that contributes to Catholic intellectual life.
      •     Sponsor research, publications, dialogue, and problem-solving.
4.   Brand and promote the reputation of CCIT.
      •     Create and communicate a brand that expresses our mission and our core values.
5.   Develop CCIT infrastructure.
      •     Develop innovative support programs.
      •     Seek external funding.


We will rely on quantitative and qualitative evidence for assessment.