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Information for Grant Winners

Options for disbursement of funds:

Reimbursement requests for project expenses must be received by May 1.

When requesting a reimbursement, please send original receipts to:
Center for Catholic Faith and Culture (CCFC)
Attn: Judi O'Brien
GM06  Libermann Hall

In the event of an online transaction, simply forward the confirmation page of the purchase to Judi O'Brien at CCFC.

Payees will provide the last 4-digits of SSN for reimbursement requests.

If you would prefer that CCFC make an online purchase for you, contact Judi O'Brien with your request.

Funds Transfer

Grant funds may be transferred to an account in the faculty member's department. Faculty members are encouraged to consult with their department prior to requesting the transfer. Faculty members are responsible for providing budget numbers to CCFC.

Supplemental Salary and Fringe Benefits
If any or all of the award is disbursed as a supplemental salary to the faculty member, please note that fringe benefits of 11% are attached and will be paid from the awarded funds.
Ex: For a $6,000.00 award, the supplemental salary and fringe benefits withheld would be calculated as follows:
                   6,000/1.11 = 5405.40 supplemental salary paid to awardee 
                                          594.60 fringe benefits paid from awarded funds

Funds are available for use through the end of the University's current fiscal year. Any funds that have not been used by this deadline (June 30th) will no longer be available.

Important Dates:

Application Due Decision By Report of Outcomes Due
Fall 2015 11/16/15 12/7/15 6/1/17
Fall 2016 11/14/16 12/12/16 6/1/18