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Information for Grant Recipients

Reimbursement of Expenses
Funds must be spent in accordance with University policies and procedures.

Fall 2017 Part-Time Faculty Mission Micro-grant recipients
Please submit original receipts for reimbursement of expenses  to CCFC no later than May 18, 2018.

Spring 2017 Part-Time Faculty Mission Micro-grant recipients
Please submit original receipts for reimbursement of expenses to CCFC no later than November 17, 2017.

When requesting a reimbursement, please send original receipts to:
Center for Catholic Faith and Culture
Attn: Judi O'Brien
GM06  Libermann Hall

• Recipients will need to contact CCFC, 412.396.2224 to provide the last 4-digits of their SSN for reimbursement of expenses.

• In the event of an online transaction, simply forward the confirmation page of the purchase to Judi O'Brien at CCFC.

• If you would prefer that CCFC make an online purchase for you, we are happy to assist you.
  E-mail Judi O'Brien at CCFC with your request.

Stipend Payments to Outside Speakers
Please provide the following information for each speaker to Judi O'Brien at CCFC:
• Name of Event
• Speaker's name
• Speaker's home mailing address
• Speaker's e-mail address
• Date of the presentation
• Amount of stipend
Speakers will need to contact the Center at 412.396.2224 to provide his/her full SSN.

Important Dates:

Application due Decision by Report of Project Outcomes due 

Requests for Reimbursements or Stipend Payments due on or before



10/17/16 10/31/16 6/15/17 5/16/17



3/17/17 4/3/17 12/15/17 11/17/17