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Certificate of University Teaching for School Psychology Program

The staff of the Center for Teaching Excellence is delighted to introduce the Certificate of University Teaching for the School Psychology Graduate Program, which provides an excellent opportunity for graduate students to document their college teaching in preparation for faculty careers. The Certificate of University Teaching is a non-credit program designed to help graduate students in the School Psychology Graduate Program grow as teacher-scholars. 

Guidelines and Requirements for Applicants

Please read the following list of guidelines and requirements before enrolling in the program.

The applicant must:

• Meet with a CTE consultant or attend an enrollment session to complete an application form.
• Be a graduate student in School Psychology at Duquesne University when enrolling in and completing the program.


• This is a self-paced program. Note that all certificate materials must be completed and approved by a CTE consultant prior to the applicant's graduation from Duquesne University.
• It is the applicant's responsibility to keep track of all dates and provide print documentation for the fulfillment of each program requirement. Please provide photocopies, not original documents, for teaching observations, Blackboard certificates, etc.
• Each workshop, book study, or departmental event may only fulfill one requirement on the certificate checklist.
• Recent activities completed by the applicant at Duquesne University prior to enrollment can count toward the completion of the Certificate with proper documentation.
• The applicant will receive the official certificate once a CTE consultant determines that the applicant's file is complete.
• A certificate advisory group consisting of faculty and graduate students is responsible for making final decisions on any exceptional or indeterminate elements of an applicant's file.


• Certificate recipients will be recognized at the annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence as well as on the CTE website.

Certificate of University Teaching Requirements
TA will attend CTE / School Psychology Program Teaching Orientation as well as teach for two semesters (one semester must be at Duquesne University; the second semester may be taught by the TA as a representative of DU at another local institution) by the time of program completion.

Mastery of Basics of Teaching: Workshops
TA will attend one CTE or departmental session that fills each of the six general categories on the mastery of basics of teaching.

1. Preparation & Clear Communication
2. Assessment and Feedback on Learning
3. Engagement of Students in Learning & Student-Faculty Interactions
4. Teaching Portfolio OR Teaching Philosophy
5. Instructional Technology / Media / Information Literacy
6. Academic Integrity & Classroom Management / Ethics

Feedback on Teaching
TA will be observed by two different faculty members, each of whom will provide the TA with a written observation and engage in a follow-up discussion. Observations from two different semesters recommended.

Professional Interactions about Teaching and Learning
TA will complete and document ONE professional interaction about teaching and learning.

Final Project
TA will complete a teaching portfolio that includes:
• A statement of teaching philosophy
• Two observations by faculty members
• One carefully selected instructional material
• A one-page reflection on the instructional material
• A working list of professional interactions about teaching

The TA will consult will CTE and the appropriate faculty member in the School Psychology Program to review the completed portfolio.