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Faculty Funding - CTE

Faculty Funding for Presentations on Multicultural College Teaching and Learning


These travel funds are provided through Academic Affairs to support full-time faculty from Duquesne University who make presentations at national and international conferences focused upon multicultural teaching and learning at the college level. In their presentations, faculty members must make a specific link between their scholarship, and their teaching and students' learning at Duquesne University.   Through such presentations, faculty members are making a contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning.


Full-time faculty who have completed one year as faculty at Duquesne are eligible to apply for funding.

The session (e.g., workshop, presentation, panel, seminar, poster) must address some aspect of multiculturalism (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, social class, etc.) relevant to teaching and learning at Duquesne University. The applicant will supply documentation of the peer-reviewed presentation acceptance.


We will accept applications until April 1 for funding to be used by the end of this fiscal year (June 30).

More details and application

Past Recipients

Learning Assessment Mini Grants [No Longer Active]

From 2006-2012, the Academic Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (ALOA) and the Center for Teaching Excellence administered an annual grant competition in support of learning-outcomes assessment at the program level. These grants encouraged academic programs to engage in sound assessment practices. The funding was used to support new initiatives or review and revise existing assessment practices.


2006-2011 Report