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    CTE Spring 2013 Workshops Registration

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    January 15

    Lecture Strategies that Increase Comprehension

    February 6

    Why Use Bb Collaborate Web Conferencing? To Enhance Teaching and Scholarship Productivity

    February 13

    Conducting Research on Student Learning at Duquesne: IRB How To's

    February 20

    Plagiarism Resistant Assignments and Tools for Promoting Academic Integrity

    February 21

    TA Article Study: Self-Regulation of Learning

    February 22

    Mindfulness: A Practice that Deepens Learning

    February 27

    Students with Disabilities and Faculty Responsibilities

    March 12

    The Teacher-Scholar Nexus

    March 13

    Publishing Articles in Academic Journals

    March 19

    Teaching and Learning with iPads Roundtable

    March 27

    Having It All! The Struggle for Work-Life Balance

    April 4

    Integrating Critical Reflection to Generate, Deepen and Document Learning in Service Learning

    April 11

    Planning a Writing Intensive Course

    April 17

    Preparing an Effective Case for Third-Year Review, Promotion and Tenure


    Tapping into Popular Culture to Promote Learning - For Graduate Students Only