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Fall 2014

All Duquesne faculty, staff, and teaching assistants are welcome to attend!

Please register for workshops to help us plan for handouts and refreshments.  Call 412-396-5177, email cte@duq.edu. Online registration will be available soon! 

For events specific to graduate students, please click here.  For Spring 2014 archived events, click here.

Copyright Essentials @ Duquesne

Presenters: John Euliano (Gumberg Library), Shawn Klocek (Gumberg Library), and Susan Wadsworth-Booth (Duquesne University Press)
Friday, September 12, 11:00-Noon
408 Gumberg Library

A fundamental understanding of copyright is essential for both teaching and research. This 60 minute presentation will introduce Duquesne's copyright policy and fair use guidelines. The presentation will also provide practical tips for posting course reserves material and for obtaining material for teaching and scholarship, including an analysis of the recent Georgia State e-reserves case.

Cosponsored by Gumberg Library and University Press

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Designing Effective Writing Projects

Facilitator: James Purdy (Writing Center & English)
Wednesday, September 17, Noon-1:30
Union 613

Have students ever been confused by a writing assignment you thought was clear? Have you ever received from students responses to a writing assignment that did not match what you thought you assigned or what you expected? Good assignment design helps you lessen student confusion and receive the writing projects you intend. This workshop will provide participants with tips for creating clear, productive writing assignments. Faculty and graduate students will learn instructional verbs to use when assigning particular writing tasks, design suggestions for chunking information for today's students, and approaches to scaffolding/breaking down projects. Participants are welcome to bring drafts of assignments to workshop. If you assign writing tasks in your course, whether it is a University-designated "W" course or not, this workshop is for you!

Cosponsored by the Writing Center.

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Winning Ideas and Tips on Preparing Creative Teaching Award Submissions

Facilitator: Laurel Willingham-McLain (Center for Teaching Excellence)
Panelists: Allison Morgan (Physician Assistant Studies), Lauren O'Donnell (Pharmacy), Michael Perry (Pharmacy), Ana Cristina Siqueira (School of Business), Anna Scheid (Theology), Elisabeth Vasko (Theology), Sarah Wallace (Speech Language Pathology)
Wednesday, October 1, 1:30-3:00
Union 613

We offer this session so that participants can learn more about award-winning teaching by dialoging with the 2014 faculty winners. Panelists will present the various teaching/learning innovations they implemented and their ways of documenting student learning. The primary criterion of Duquesne's Creative Teaching Award is evidence that the innovation resulted in student learning. Laurel Willingham-McLain, the award review committee chair, will give an overview of how to demonstrate that an innovation contributed significantly to students' learning, and she will point out features of compelling award submission.

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Technology for Collaborative Learning: Duquesne's New FlexTech Classrooms

Presenters: Todd Hughes (Media Services), Aimee Kane (Business); Diane Ramos (Business); Jeff Miller (Education and Associate Provost); and Bill Spangler (Business)
Monday, October 6, 2:00 - 3:00
Location: 442 Fisher Hall

How can an instructor promote engaged learning where there is no back row boredom? Duquesne's new FlexTech Classrooms are learning spaces where students actively learn and collaborate in a technology enhanced environment where there is no back of the class. 442 Fisher Hall features seven workstations where students work in groups, can write on the tables, and can share with the rest of the class via computers and wall mounted flat screen monitors at each of the stations. The instructor's station has a dedicated computer that controls what is seen at the workstations. Come and learn about the new FlexTech Classrooms from faculty and staff who are using these new collaborative spaces.

Cosponsored by Media Services and Distribution Center

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Invited Guest Presentation with Dr. Susan Hines

Designing Effective Adult Learning Experiences

Dr. Susan Hines, Associate Professor & Director of Faculty DevelopmentPhoto of Susan Hines
St. Mary's University of Minnesota
Monday, October 27, 3-4:30
Location: Africa Room, Duquesne Union

In this session participants will discover the unique characteristics of adult learners and ways to design effective learning experiences to honor their learning needs and promote active engagement.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover the characteristics and educational needs of adult learners
  2. Examine an experiential learning approach to meet adult learning needs
  3. Create an experiential learning experience to honor and actively engage adult learners

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The Face of the Veteran Student: Opportunities and Challenges

Panelists: Don Accamando (Military Programs Director, SLPA), Roger Brooke (Psychology), Theo Collins (Veteran and Graduate Student, Law), Rod Dobish (Executive Director of Facilities Management), Laura Howell (Veteran and Graduate Student, Biology) and Ann Martin (Military Academic Adviser, SLPA)
Thursday, October 30, 12:00-1:30
Location: Africa Room

Duquesne University is ranked as No. 28 in the nation according to the U.S. News and World Report in Best Colleges for Veterans. The goals of the workshop are to give participants the ability to:

  • identify the veteran presence at Duquesne,
  • discover the attributes that veteran students bring to learning,
  • identify issues relating to veteran students,
  • and summarize resources available at Duquesne to support veteran students.

The workshop is open to all faculty, teaching assistants and academic advisers interested in supporting this distinctive student population.

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Planning a Writing-Intensive Course

Facilitator: James Purdy (Writing Center & English)
Thursday, November 6, 12:15-1:30 pm
Location: Union 109

One of the biggest challenges of teaching a writing-intensive course is incorporating the writing assignments/projects into the syllabus. When should due dates fall? How can the syllabus reflect the scaffolding of activities the lead to a writing project? How can writing activities fit in with all the content to be covered? This hands-on workshop will guide participants in planning the syllabus for a Spring 2014 writing-intensive course. Faculty and graduate students will leave with an outline of the schedule of writing projects and tasks. If you teach a University-designated "W" course, you will find this workshop especially useful as you prepare your new syllabus.

Cosponsored by the Writing Center

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Publish or Perish: Choosing and Approaching Academic Publishers

Presenter: Susan Wadsworth-Booth (Duquesne University Press)
Friday, November 7, 12:00 - 1:30
Location: Duquesne Union 613

The workshop is intended for graduate students and junior faculty who want to learn about getting their work published in today's academic environment. We will discuss how to research and choose appropriate publishers, how to prepare initial proposals for a publisher's review, how doctoral dissertations may (or may not) be revised for book publication, how the review process works, and how new technologies and models (such as electronic journals and open-access publications) fit into the process. This workshop will focus on the humanities and social sciences, though all are welcome.

Cosponsored by Duquesne University Press

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Invited Guest Presentations with Dr. Robin Wright

The Department of Biological Sciences and CTE invite the Duquesne teaching community to attend two presentations by Dr. Robin Wright, Associate Dean, College of Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota.

Applying the Biology of LearningDr. Robin Wright
to Teaching Biology

Friday, November 14, 2:00 - 2:50 pm

Maurice Falk Lecture Hall (Mellon Hall)
*no rsvp is required to attend

Start Where You Are: Incorporating Active Learning Strategies into Your Existing Lectures

Friday, November 14, 3:15 - 4:45 pm
613 Duquesne Union
Participants are asked to bring a favorite (or least favorite) lecture to work on, or a topic that you might teach. We will go through the process of writing a learning objective, determining a type of assessment to use, and then thinking creatively about what the students will DO to achieve the objective.

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Interpreting the New SES Reports (Webinar)

This session has been canceled. Stay tuned for details about a new webpage about the SES Reports. 

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