Center for Teaching Excellence

Murphy Building
600 Forbes Avenue 20 Chatham Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Phone: 412.396.5177

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    Welcome from Timothy R. Austin

    Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

    Welcome to Duquesne University!

    Each semester, we welcome to this beautiful campus part-time faculty members from a wide range of backgrounds. They teach courses in fields as diverse as law and the fine arts, healthcare and religion. Some hold newly minted academic degrees and are familiar with the most recent advances in their disciplines; others boast years of practice in their chosen professions and can draw on this experience to mentor students as they launch their own careers. Regardless of your personal background, you may be sure that Duquesne has recruited you because we are confident that you have much to offer our students.

    As the nation's only Spiritan university, Duquesne has built a strong - and still growing - reputation for promoting the highest standards of excellence in liberal and professional education, for fostering moral and spiritual values in all areas of its work, for creating an ecumenical atmosphere on campus that actively welcomes and celebrates diversity, and for serving others here in Pittsburgh and throughout the world. Today, we look to you to contribute your own gifts to sustain and indeed enhance that reputation.

    To promote your success as an educator throughout your career at the university, Duquesne's Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) offers orientations, workshops, book studies, one-on-one consulting, and online and print resources. Please take some time to become acquainted with CTE by exploring this website.

    I offer my personal best wishes as you embark on your first semester on The Bluff!

    Timothy R. Austin
    Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

    Getting Started: Adjunct Faculty at Duquesne