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    New Books in the CTE Library

    (updated June 2012)

    Team-Based Learning in the Social Sciences and Humanities
    M. Sweet & L. Michaelsen, Editors, - Stylus, 2012

    Managing Online Instructor Workload: Stragegies for Finding Balance and Success
    S.C.O. Conceicao - Jossey Bass, 2011

    Teaching and Learning from the inside Out: Revitalizing Ourselves and Our Institutions
    New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Summer 2012 Number 130

    Sentipensante Pedagogy
    M. Nepo, Stylus Publishing, 2009

    Shaping The College Curriculum
    L. Lattuca; J. Stark, Jossey-Bass, 2009

    Assessment Clear and Simple (2nd edition)
    B. Walvoord, Jossey-Bass, 2010

    Hallmarks of Effective Outcomes Assessment
    T. Banta, Jossey-Bass, 2004

    Engaging Ideas (2nd edition)
    J. Bean, Jossey-Bass, 2011

    Student Engagement Techniques; A Handbook for College Faculty
    E. Barkley, Jossey-Bass, 2010

    Teaching for Critical Thinking
    S. Brookfield, Jossey-Bass, 2012

    The Essential College Professor
    J. Buller, Jossey-Bass, 2010

    Learning As A Way of Leading
    S. Preskill; S. Brookfield, Jossey-Bass, 2009

    Evidence-Based Teaching
    W. Buskist; J. Groccia, Editors, Jossey-Bass 2011

    Effective Instruction for STEM Disciplines
    E. Mastascusa; W. Snyder; B. Hoyt, Jossey-Bass, 2011

    Undergraduate Research in the Sciences
    S. Laursen; A. Hunter; E. Seymour; H. Thiry; G. Melton, Jossey-Bass, 2010

    The Handbook of Scholarly Writing and Publishing
    T.S. Rocco; T. Hatcher & Assoc. Jossey-Bass, 2011

    Preparing Future Faculty To Assess Student Learning
    The Teagle Foundation, 2011

    The Mentee's Guide; Making Mentoring Work for You
    L. Zachary, Jossey-Bass, 2009

    The Mentor's Guide; Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships (Second Edition)
    L. Zachary, Jossey-Bass, 2012

    The Essential Department Chair (new edition)
    J. Buller, Jossey-Bass, 2012

    Time Management for Department Chairs
    C. Hansen, Jossey-Bass, 2011

    Social Media for Educators: Strategies and Best Practices
    T. Joosten, John Wiley & Sons, 2012


    New Books in the CTE Library related to Service-Learning

    Democratic Dilemmas of Teaching Service-Learning
    D.Donahue - Stylus - 2011

    Engaged Scholarship; Contemporary Landscapes, Future Directions
    H.Fitzgerald - Michigan State University Press - 2010

    Race, Poverty, and Social Justice
    Multidisciplinary Perspectives Through Service Learning
    J.Calderon - Stylus - 2007

    Gender Identity, Equity and Violence
    Multidisciplinary Perspectives through Service learning
    G. Stahly - Stylus - 2007

    Research, Advocacy, and Political Engagement
    Multdisciplinary Perspectives through Service Learning
    S. Tannenbaum - Stylus - 2008

    Promoting Health and Wellness in Underserved Communities
    Multidisciplinary Perspectives through Service Learning
    A. Pelham and E. Sills - Stylus - 2009

    Social Responsibility and Sustainability
    Multidisciplinary Perspectives through Service Learning
    T. McDonald - Stylus - 2011

    The Future of Service-Learning
    J. Strait and M. Lima - Stylus - 2009

    AAHE's Series on Service-Learning in the Disciplines:

    • Connecting Past and Present (Service Learning in History)
    I. Harkavy & B. Donovan - Stylus - 2005

    • Beyond the Tower (Service Learning in Philosophy)
    C.D. Lisman 7 I. Harvey - Stylus - 2006

    • Construyendo Puentes (Building Bridges) (Service Learning in Spanish)
    J. Hellebrandt & L. Varona - Stylus - 2005

    • The Practice of Change (Service Learning in Women's Studies)
    B. Balliet & K. Heffernan - Stylus - 2000

    • Learning by Doing (Service Learning in Accounting)
    D.V. Rama - Stylus - 2007

    • Life, Learning & Community (Service Learning in Biology)
    D. Brubaker & J. Ostroff - Stylus - 2006

    • From Cloister to Commons (Service Learning in Religious Studies)
    R. Devine, J. Favazza & F. McLain - Stylus - 2002

    • Working for the Common Good (Service Learning in Management)
    P. Godfrey & E. Grasso - Stylus - 2009

    • From the Studio to the Streets (Service Learning in Planning & Architecture)
    M. Hardin, R. Eribes & C. Poster - Stylus - 2006

    • Projects That Matter (Service Learning in Engineering)
    E. Tsnag - Stylus - 2007

    • Cultivating the Sociological Imagination (Service Learning in Sociology)
    J. Ostrow, G. Hesser & S. Enos - Stylus - 2005

    • Writing the Community (Service Learning in Composition)
    L. Kassner, R. Crooks & A. Watters - Stylus - 2006

    • Voices of Strong Democracy (Service Learning in Communication Studies)
    D. Droge & B. Murphy - Stylus - 2006

    • Acting Locally (Service Learning in Environmental Studies)
    H. Ward - Stylus - 2006

    • Learning With the Community (Service Learning in Teacher Education)
    J. Erickson & J. Anderson - Stylus - 2005

    • Teaching for Justice (Service Learning in Peace Studies)
    K. Weigert and R. Crews - Stylus - 1999

    • Creating Community Responsive Physicians (Service Learning in Medical Education)
    S. Seifer, K. Hermanns & J. Lewis - Stylus - 2007

    • Experiencing Citizenship (Service Learning in Political Science)
    R. Battistoni & W. Hudson - Stylus - 2006

    • Caring and Community (Service Learning in Nursing)
    J. Norbeck, C. Connolly and J. Koerner - Stylus - 2008

    • With Service in Mind (Service Learning in Psychology)
    R. Bringle & D. Duffy - Stylus - 2006

    • Hospitality with a Heart (Service Learning in Lodging, Foodservice & Tourism)
    J. Koppel, R. Kavanaugh & T. Van Dyke - Stylus - 2004

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