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    Recommended Readings on College Teaching & Faculty Success

    Books are available at the campus Barnes and Noble Bookstore in the Education section.  Look for the shelves with the sign "College Teaching & Faculty Success" for books recommended by CTE, CETR, and the Writing Center.

    Assessing Student Learning

    • Assessment clear and simple: A practical guide for institutions, departments, and general education
      Barbara Walvoord
    • Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers
      Thomas A. Angelo and K. Patricia Cross
    • Designing effective assessment: Principles and profiles of good practice
      Trudy W. Banta, Elizabeth A. Jones, Karen E. Black
    • Effective Grading: A Tool for Learning and Assessment
      Barbara E. Walvoord, Virginia Johnson Anderson
    • Learner-centered assessment on college campuses: Shifting the focus from teaching to Learning
      Mary E. Huba and Jann E. Freed

    Developing and Teaching College Courses

    • Creating significant learning experiences: An integrated approach to designing college courses
      L. Dee Fink
    • Learner-centered Teaching: Five key changes to practice
      Maryellen Weimer
    • Learning in adulthood: A comprehensive guide
      Sharan B. Merriam, Rosemary S. Caffarella, and Lisa M. Baumgartner
    • Teaching at its best
      Linda Nilson

    Service-Learning and Social Justice

    • Introduction to service-learning toolkit (2nd edition)
      Campus Compact
    • Promoting diversity and social justice: Educating people from privileged groups
      Diane J. Goodman
    • Service learning: A movement’s pioneers reflect on its origins, practice, and future
      Timothy K. Stanton and Nadinne I. Cruz
    • Service-learning in theory and practice
      Dan W. Butin

    Teaching and Grading Writing

    • Assigning, responding, evaluating: A writing teacher's guide
      Edward M. White
    • Direct from the disciplines: Writing across the curriculum
      Mary T. Segall and Robert A. Smart
    • My word!  Plagiarism and college culture
      Susan Blum
    • The WAC casebook: Scenes for faculty reflection and program development
      Chris M. Anson

    Faculty Career Success

    • The academic job search handboo
      Julia Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong
    • The courage to teach: Exploring the inner landscape of a teachers life
      Parker J. Palmer
    • Enhancing learning through the scholarship of teaching and learning
      Kathleen McKinney
    • Faculty incivility: The rise of the academic bully culture and what to do about it
      Darla J. Twale and Barbara M. De Luca
    • Peer review of teaching: A sourcebook
      Nancy Van Note Chism