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Chronic Pain Research Consortium

A Collaboration to Study Pain

Pollock and Janjic

The Chronic Pain Research Consortium (CPRC) at Duquesne University is dedicated to addressing the problem of chronic pain by tailoring our multidisciplinary research efforts to the needs of patients and clinicians. The consortium itself is a unique collaborative group of patients, clinicians, and basic scientists.

  • Our combined expertise in pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, molecular imaging, neuroscience, and animal behavior promote a dynamic environment to solve the complex challenges of pain management.
  • Our research priorities include cancer pain, involvement of the immune system in pain, and the interaction of stress and pain. For a more complete description of our interests please see the Research Directions page.


Consortium co-director John Pollock (Department of Biological Sciences) is the creator and co-executive producer of the PBS show "Scientastic: Sleep," which debuted on PBS April 6, 2014. The show is supported with a website. Additional learning Apps and eBooks are also in production.  

Consoritum co-directors Jelena Janjic (Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences) and John Pollock (Department of Biological Sciences) co-chaired a symposium at the 2014 McGowen Institute Retreat entitled "Chronic pain and neuroinflammation."  The session included seminars by Janjic, Pollock, Gerald Gebhart Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh), and Yoram Vodovotz Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh).

Consoritum member Ben Kolber (Department of Biological Sciences) has been highlighted in the "Member Spotlight" section of the American Pain Society's monthly E-newsletter.

Chronic Pain Research Consortium members Ben Kolber (Department of Biological Sciences) and Kevin Tidgewell (Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences) have been awarded a 2013 Sharon S. Keller Chronic Pain Research Grant from the American Pain Society.  

The Chronic Pain Research Consortium has been highlighted in the Chronicle, a quarterly newsletter published by American Chronic Pain Association (pg. 10, March 2012 Issue; see full article).  The American Chronic Pain Association is a patient advocacy group founded in 1980.