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Past Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center Symposia


Volume 1: Phenomenology: Descriptive or Hermeneutic

Volume 2: Phenomenology - Meaning - Psychotherapy

Volume 3: Phenomenology of Temporality: Time and Language

Volume 4: Psychiatry and Phenomenology

Volume 5: Phenomenology and the Numinous (out of print)

Volume 6: Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis

Volume 7: Heidegger: A Centenary Appraisal

Volume 8: Phenomenology and Lacanian Psychoanalysis (out of print)

Volume 9: Ethics and Responsibility in the Phenomenological Tradition

Volume 10: The Husserlian Foundation of Phenomenological Psychology

Volume 11: Phenomenology and Feminism (not published)

Volume 12: The Interpersonal Phenomenology of R.D. Laing

Volume 13: Phenomenology: Past and Future

Volume 14: Phenomenology and Narrative Psychology

Volume 15: Levinas: The Face of the Other

Volume 16: Metabletics: J.H. van den Berg's Historical Phenomenology

Volume 17: Confluences: Phenomenology and Postmodernity, Environment, Race, Gender

Volume 18: The Philosophy of Edith Stein

Volume 19: The Phenomenology of Childhood

Volume 20: The Phenomenology of the Body

Volume 21: The Phenomenology of Hope

Volume 22: Daseinsanalysis

Volume 23: Phenomenology and Ecology

Volume 24: Paul Ricoeur and Phenomenology

Volume 25: Phenomenology and Critical Theory

Volume 26: Phenomenology and Post-humanism

Volume 27: Phenomenology and the Theological Turn

Volume 28: Phenomenology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Volume 29: Music and Phenomenology         

                   Dennis Schmidt - The Musical Idiom and the Movement of Life

                   Judith Lockhead - Music Places

                   Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback - Rhythm and Existence

                   John Sallis - The Place of Music: On Heterogeneity in the Arts

Volume 30: Phenomenology and Its Critics

                    Leonard Lawlor - Phenomenology of the End

                    Paola Marrati - Humans, Animals, and Ghosts: Derrida on Democracy

                    Claire Colebrook - Heidegger, Deleuze, and Cartesian Evil

                    Bruno Bosteels - World and Event

Volume 31: Merleau-Ponty Into the Future

                    Laura Doyle - Les Écarts Géopolitiques

                    Galen Johnson - On the Origin of Truth in Art

                    Gail Weiss - "The Normal, the Natural, and the Normative"

                    David Abram - Matter and Agency (video pending approval)

Volume 32: Phenomenology and the African & Africana Worlds

                    Tsenay Serequeberhan - Continental and African Philosophy: A Thematic Encounter

                    Elias Bongmba - Phenomenology of the Face: African Perspectives

                    Kathryn T. Gines - Black Looks: Objectification, Subjectivity and "Looking Back"

Volume 33: Experiencing Disaster

                   David Loy - The Best Disaster Ever

                   Jane Anna Gordon - Of Divine Warning: Reading Disaster in the Modern Age

                   Debra Bergoffen - The Living Death of Statelessness

                   Kevin Hart - "The *Absolute* Event of History:" The Shoah and the Outside

Volume 34: Contemplation and Beyond: Phenomenology, Neuroscience and the Spiritual

                   Iain McGilchrist - "The Power of No: On the Apophatic Path to God"

Volume 35: Life, Death, and Play: Philosophy in Literature, Sport and Psychoanalysis

                   Simon Critchley - "Working-Class Ballet - A Poetics of Football"