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Special Collections

The Silverman Center does not limit its collection to phenomenological philosophy but attempts an equally comprehensive collection in phenomenological psychology. In addition, the Center acquires books in all fields where a phenomenological approach is used or criticized. Thus the Center has holdings in such fields as geography, music, ophthalmology, pedagogy, law, nursing, theology and communication.

Division of Collections 

General Collection   

The acquisitions of the Silverman Center fall broadly into two classes: the purchased books and the donated alcoves/collections. The Center actively seeks donations of the entire personal libraries of retired or deceased scholars in phenomenology. These libraries are kept intact in separate areas of the Center.

Thus far four alcoves have been established, those of Erwin Straus (click here for a paper on Erwin Straus), Stephan Strasser, Aron Gurwitsch and Amedeo Giorgi, in addition to the five collections of Jan Bouman, Charles Maes, Rolf von Eckartsberg, André Schuwer, O.F.M., and Edward L. Murray, C.S.Sp., the Silverman Center also has a formal commitment from two other scholars for their extensive personal libraries upon their death.      

Gurwitsch Alcove  Phenomenology Center Stacks  Straus Alcove            

Special Holdings

Husserl Archives 

Edmund Husserl - Framed Bronze

The Center is an official branch of the Husserl Archives of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. The unpublished transcribed papers of Husserl are available for consultation at the Center.

Heidegger Lectures

The Center contains the Moser transcripts of Heidegger’s lectures from his Marburg period.

Unpublished papers of Buytendijk

The "Penséees repensées," the posthumous papers of F. J. Buytendijk (the founder of phenomenological psychology), holographic manuscripts in the Dutch language, are available at the Center.

Heidegger Circle Archives

The Center serves as the repository for the archives of the Heidegger Circle.

World Phenomenology Institute Archives

The Center is the official archival repository for the World Phenomenology Institute founded by Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka.