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General Campus Safety

Safety is a habit, frame of mind and expectation that touches everyone at Duquesne University: from housekeeping and maintenance to faculty and office personnel. The following programs are concerned with general building health and safety.

Injury Illness and Prevention Program

This program describes the processes that are employed to reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries and illnesses.

Safety Suggestions

Safety Suggestion Form

Accident Incident Reporting

Accident/Incident Reporting Form

Auxiliary Services Safety

Auxiliary Services Safety Booklet

General Office Safety

Office Safety Booklet

Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication Program: Employee Right to Know

The Hazard Communication program is a system of identifying and communicating the hazards associated with a particular chemical to its users and others in the area of its use.

To learn more about your rights under OSHA, read the "It's the Law: Job Safety and Health Poster" and the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Poster on the resources page.

Pet Policy

"The keeping of, encouraging of, and allowing of animals, other than bona fide assistance animals and animals used for education and research purposes, in University buildings is prohibited for safety and health reasons. Tying, chaining or otherwise restraining animals inside or outside buildings is prohibited."

Smoking Policy

TAP No. 25 outlines the Smoking Policy