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Driving and Insurance Information

Driving Privileges, Claims & Rental Information

All drivers MUST be approved by the office of Risk Management.
To apply for driving privileges please complete the form here and send via email or fax to Risk Management.

Duquesne University is currently insured by Travelers Auto Insurance.
This insurance covers any damages or losses to University owned, leased or rented vehicles. 

Any employee involved in an auto accident or fender bender (large or small) should notify Risk Management at 412.396.2073.
All claims should go through the Risk Management office, please do file a claim on your own.
*If you are involved in an accident on campus please call campus police to file a report.

For a copy of our current auto insurance ID card please click here
*Duquesne insurance may only be used for Duquesne business, not personal use unless approved by RiskMgmt.

When employees are renting vehicles they should:
1. Use a University P-card when possible
2. Waive the rental company's insurance when renting a vehicle in the U.S. (rentals are covered under our auto policy) *International rentals not covered.

Licensed Professional Liability

This insurance indemnifies the University for any loss sustained because of an error or oversight on the part of an employee in the course of his/her performing University activities. This coverage includes all students during University sponsored internships and clinicals.

To request evidence of coverage (also known as a "Certificate of Liability or COI") please click here.
Requests may take up to 5 business days.