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Insurance Information

Automobile Coverage

This insurance covers any damages or losses to University owned, leased or rented vehicles. Any employee involved in an auto accident or fender bender should notify DeAnna M. Forney at 412.396.2073.

When employees are renting vehicles they should:

  1. Use a University credit card when possible and
  2. Waive the rental company's insurance, because they are covered by the University insurance.

The exception to this is if you are renting a vehicle in Canada or a foreign country, then you should purchase the rental service insurance.

Property and General Liability

This insurance is designed to protect the University and employees from a wide variety of liability exposures.

Liability insurance sometimes is called third-party insurance because the insurance protects the insured (Duquesne) against suit by a third party.

Professional Liability

This insurance indemnifies the University for any loss sustained because of an error or oversight on the part of an employee in the course of his/her performing University activities. This includes all students during University sponsored internships.