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Academic Excellence

Students prepare for responsible leadership roles in society through a broad-based education in the liberal arts, the very heart and soul of the University. This liberal education enriches and ennobles all their professional training. As a Catholic and Spiritan University, we believe that all students should have every opportunity to encounter the rich and venerable Catholic intellectual, cultural and artistic tradition. To achieve this goal there is a need to recruit competent teachers, scholars, and scientists, who support the University’s mission and identity. Because Duquesne believes in the mutual enrichment of faith and reason, it seeks faculty who can promote a dialog between the two, while respecting the autonomy of every academic discipline.

To this end, our University supports a faculty who are distinguished by excellent teaching and significant scholarly accomplishments in their diverse fields of expertise. Duquesne’s faculty engages in a variety of research, produces numerous works of scholarship, and contributes creatively to the arts. They are affirmed in their quest for knowledge as recipients of numerous grants and awards each year. Duquesne embraces academic freedom in the pursuit of knowledge as inseparable from the search for truth to which the Spirit calls us.

Duquesne defines itself as "a community dedicated to the discovery, enhancement, and communication of knowledge and to the free and diligent pursuit of truth, in order to provide society with men and women able and willing to act as wise, creative, and responsible leaders."  In practical terms this means that Duquesne is open to the exploration and discussion of new and controversial ideas, and that the University places a premium on intellectual autonomy and integrity and the pursuit of truth through scholarly research.

The University Core Curriculum reflects the mission of the University, especially regarding matters of social justice, diversity, and world concerns.  Education that informs the mind, engages the heart, and invigorates the spirit is the guiding vision of the Core.