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Partnership Development

Through a community-engaged learning partnerhip, 

  • Your organization will collaborate with a faculty member to develop the community-engaged learning project together;
  • Students (typically in groups) will work with your organization through a community-engaged learning course; and
  • Students will rotate through your organization each semester. 

Every partnership is a unique relationship, which develops to best fit the needs of each organization in that specific situation.

Facilitate Smooth Partnering

The Center for Community-Engaged Teaching and Research (CETR) connects community agencies to faculty whose students can meet agency needs as part of class-related service work. After identifying a faculty partner, the Center for CETR will facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration between the community agency, faculty, and students to ensure that the partnership is suitable for each partners' needs. 

To explore the opportunities community-engaged learning partnerships offer, contact Dan Getkin, Assistant Director for Partnerships and Operations to schedule an appointment. 

Connect to other University Departments

In some instances, a community-engaged learning class may not be the most suitable partnership for your organizations' needs. By scheduling an appointment with the Center for CETR, the office's trained staff can also help you determine whether another program may be more appropriate. In those instances, the Center for CETR will ensure that you connect with the right department.