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Office of Service-Learning

The Office of Service-Learning (OSL) is the administrative home of the service-learning program at Duquesne University. The OSL supports and networks faculty, students, and community partners involved in community-based learning by:

  • Developing strong relationships;
  • Continually evaluating the program's impact;
  • Offering innovative resources, and
  • Sharing the stories of your success.  

OSL Structure:
OSL Structure

Class Support

• Course Design Consultation
• Introductions to Potential Community Partners
• Pre- and Post- Assessment
• In-class Presentations on SL
• Student and Faculty Guides to Service-Learning

CBO/Agency Support

• Administrative Support for Service Requests
• Introductions to Potential Faculty Partners
• Connections to Other Services at the University

Program Support

• Oversight for the Course Designation Process
• Policy Development to Foster Service-Learning Quality
• Program Evaluation
• Program Records, Statistics, and Data Management
• Strategic Planning
• Supervision for Supportive Initiatives, such as the Gaultier Faculty Fellows, Community Engagement Scholars, and Assessment Learning Groups