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Former Scholars

Dora Walmsley

Participation in the Community Engagement Scholars Program provided me with diverse experiences and unique insights that greatly contributed to my post graduate success. As a recent graduate, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from your peers. The Pittsburgh non-profit job market specifically, is extremely competitive with a high number of more experienced candidates applying for entry-level positions. The Scholars program not only helped me to develop critical skill sets, and build experience, but afforded opportunities to meet with various non-profit and community leaders. The ability to begin building my network prior to graduation enabled me to secure employment while in my final semester at Duquesne. Since then, I have maintained relationships with many of these contacts, which has led to my continued advancement in the field.

Jeff Chmay

The Community Engagement Scholar position has been the most influential, life-changing experience in my time at Duquesne. The opportunities to participate in community events, meet community leaders, and community members have largely shaped my view of community work. The many hours of service has brought me immensely closer with those in which I hope to work and has contributed greatly in developing my personal qualities of empathy and congruency. Through my several years in the Community Engagement Scholar position, I have witnessed social change take place, I have been inspired by those I serve, and I have come to understand that these communities of economic poverty are not impoverished one bit. Without my almost forced entry into the program, I doubt I would have ever seen the immense amount of hidden wealth these communities hold - not in money, but in love.