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Program Committee Members

Fall 2014

McAnulty College of Liberal Arts Dr. Pat Dunham (Social Sciences) dunham@duq.edu
Dr. Gerald Boodoo (Humanities) boodoog@duq.edu
Ms. Lorraine Sauchin (Mathematics) sauchin@mathcs.duq.edu
ex officio Dean James Swindal swindalj@duq.edu
ex officio Dr. Greg Barnhisel (Freshman Writing) barnhiselg@duq.edu
Bayer School of Natural & Environmentsl Sciences Dr. Bruce Beaver beaver@duq.edu
School of Business Administration Dr. Ron Surmacz surmacz@duq.edu
School of Education Dr. Connie Moss moss@castl.duq.edu
ex officio Dean Olga Welch welcho@duq.edu
School of Health Sciences Dr. Susan Snyder snyders340@duq.edu
School of Music Dr. Jessica Wiskus wiskus@duq.edu
School of Nursing Dr. Khlood Salman salmank@duq.edu
School of Pharmacy Dr. Chris O'Neil oneilc@duq.edu
Gumberg Library Diana Sasso sasso@duq.edu
Faculty Senate Dr. Madeline Archer (McAnulty College) archerm@duq.edu
Center for Teaching Excellence (as needed re. faculty support, etc.) ex officio Dr. Laurel Willingham-McLain willingham@duq.edu
Office of Service Learning (as needed re SL courses) ex officio Lina Dostilio dostiliol@duq.edu
Academic Advisors (as needed) ex officio Karen Bova (School of Nursing) bova@duq.edu
ex officio Sarah Durney (McAnulty College) durney389@duq.edu
Director of University Core Curriculum non-voting Dr.Janie Harden Fritz harden@duq.edu

Committee Composition:

Two Deans (ex officio) – McAnulty College of Liberal Arts and School of Education;

Four Representatives from the College: One Humanities, one Mathematics, one Social Sciences and First Year Writing (ex-officio);

Six Representatives from each baccalaureate granting school (in addition to McAnulty) and Gumberg Library faculty; (The Law School is ineligible.)

One Representative from the Faculty Senate (who may also be a representative from the College, one of the professional schools, or Gumberg Library).

One Representative from the Center for Teaching Excellence – Laurel Willingham-McLain, who will be called upon as a consultant, as needed (ex-officio).

One Representative from the Service Learning Advisory Committee (who may also be a representative from the College or one of the professional schools) or Lina Dostilio; this person will be a consultant re SL courses, when needed (ex-officio).

Two Academic Advisors, representing advisors for undergraduate programs (ex-officio).

Chair of the Committee: Director of the University Core Curriculum (non-voting)