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ESL Students Study At All Levels

Each year the program welcomes students from around the world who enroll at all levels of study.  Some are already accepted to graduate or undergraduate degree programs. Others come to study only English as non-degree, "ESL Only" students.

The program enrolls students who:

  • are accepted to an academic degree program at Duquesne University, but whose English still requires some improvement,
  • are planning to enroll in or are conditionally accepted to other universities after completing the ESL Program at Duquesne University, or
  • are interested in studying only ESL as non-degree students on either a short- or long-term basis

Meet Some ESL Students

Pasquale Apicella"One of the most positive aspects of the program for me was the diversity of students, countries and mix of cultures.  I felt very comfortable in the Duquesne ESL Program.  Its familial atmosphere and friendly environment helped me to adjust easily.  I liked the practice with listening, speaking and discussion."

Pasquale Apicella
Study Abroad Graduate Student

Jose Catalini"The positive attitudes and relationships with my teachers made a big difference for my adjustment.  I enjoyed the practice with reading, comprehension and writing about what I read.  I liked working on fluency in communication."

Jose Catalini
ESL Student

Khang Nguyen"I liked the program because it was not boring; we had a lot of different activities.  I felt the classes were right for me - not too difficult or too easy.  I could directly apply my language skills in projects."

Khang Nguyen
Accepted to a Bachelor's Degree Program in Business

Eyad Khushayfati"The American tutors are important for students and they are really helpful.  The teachers eased my adjustment with helpful advice."

Eyad Khushayfati
ESL Student
Saudi Arabia