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New Academic Programs

Duquesne University offers several new online programs to enhance your professional skills and opportunities...

MA in Corporate Communication - This 30-credit program will prepare your for communication management positions in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.It will equip students to manage conflict, enact professional civility, and communicate orally and in writing in corporate contexts.

MS in Leadership - This 30-credit program offers a wide range of courses across disciplines to provide professionals with targeted and flexible skills with which to develop and strengthen their individual leadership style and philosophy and to advance their career development. 

MS in Management - The 30-credit MSM will help you become a transformational leader. You will learn to effectively manage people, improve an organization's competitive position, create positive change, and recognize and seize opportunities. 

MS Sports Business - The 30-credit MSSB provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to run a variety of sports business operations. Guided by a strong ethical framework, MSSB graduates effectively manage people, lead positive change, and recognize and seize opportunities in a sports business context.

Certificate in Web Design and Development - This new 12-credit certificate focuses on enhancing your design and development skills related to media-rich content delivered on the web. Courses are practical, hands-on, and real-world focused. The design and development skills offered will be relevant to many professional disciplines and areas.

 There are also 80 other undergraduate majors and 85 graduate and professional programs.