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Student Testimonials

Check out what a few of our recent Post-Baccalaureate alums are saying!

"I'm so glad I decided to finish my required courses through the PB-PMHPP. The program faculty are wonderful and are even helping me prepare for my upcoming interviews. The ability to personalize my schedule, incorporate graduate level courses, and get one-on-one advising made all the difference for my application process."

Sarah Minney, Certificate graduate, May 2015




"The program helped me plan out everything I needed to apply for medical school. The individual attention and support I received on a daily basis is what makes this program stand out.  This program exceeded my expectations. From day one the entire staff knew my name and was able to use their extensive experience to make me the best applicant possible for medical school.  Being a nontraditional student is intimidating, but through this program I was able to meet other students in similar circumstances, get advice tailored to my unique situation, and recieve help accessing the many resources I wouldn't have known were available to me otherwise."

Neal McQuaid, Certificate graduate, May 2015