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Alexandra Santau

Associate Professor
Department of Instruction Leadership in Education

110A Canevin Hall
Phone: 412.396.4516


Ph.D. Science Education, University of Miami, 2008
M.S. Biology, Purdue University, 2002
B.S. Microbiology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001
Courses Taught


GSCE 636 Teaching Secondary School Science

GFDE 504 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences


LTEC 331 PreK4 Pedagogy for Science

LTEC 331 PreK4 Content Knowledge for Science

LTEC 333 Science Field Experience Level 3

Research articles

Adamson, K., Santau, A., Lee. O. (in press). Elementary teachers’ strategies for teaching science and supporting language development in urban elementary schools. Manuscript submitted to Journal of Science Teacher Education.

Santau, A. Maerten-Rivera, J., Huggins, C. (2011). Science Achievement of English Language Learners in Urban Elementary Schools: Fourth Grade Student Achievement Results from a Professional Development Intervention. Science Education, 95(5): 771-793.

Santau, A., Secada, W., Maerten-Rivera, J. L., Cone, N., & Lee, O. (2010). U.S. Urban Elementary Teachers’ Knowledge and Practices in Teaching Science to English Language Learners: Results from the First Year of a Professional Development Intervention. International Journal of Science Education, 32(15): 2007-2032.

Lewis, S., Lee, O., Santau, A., & Cone, N. (2010). Student Initiatives in Urban Elementary Science Classrooms. School Science and Mathematics, 110(3), 160-172.

Buxton, C., Lee, O., & Santau, A. (2008). Promoting science among English language learners: Professional development for today’s culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 19(5), 495-511.

Book chapters

Santau, A. (2012). Bridging the gap between a laboratory past and a science teacher educator present – A look at a doctoral program in science education. In S. Bullough & T. Russel (Eds.), Self-Studies of Science Teacher Education Practices. Dordrecht: Springer Publishers.

Lee, O., Santau, A., & Maerten-Rivera, J. (2010). Science and literacy assessments with English language learners. In C. Basterra, G. Solano-Flores, & E. Trumbull (Eds.), Assessment, language, and culture: A guide for teachers. Mahweh, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Curriculum development

LeRoy, K., Santau, A., Pickett, L., & Zeiler, B. (in press). Promoting Science among English Language Learners: Student Books and Teachers’ Guides. New York, NY: Benchmark Education Publisher.