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Andrea D. Fairman, PhD, OTR/L CPRP

Assistant Professor
Rangos School of Health Sciences
Occupational Therapy

Rangos 226
Phone: 412.396.4216


Ph.D., Rehabilitation Science, University of Pittsburgh
M.S., Occupational Therapy, Duquesne University
B.S., Health Sciences, Duquesne University

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Dillon, T. & Fairman, A. (2001). Innovative mental health fieldwork creates community-based job opportunity. AOTA Mental Health Special Interest Section Quarterly, 24, 2-3.

Courses Taught

OCCT 150 - OT Orientation
OCCT 518 - Humans Groups & Occupations
OCCT 525 - Psychosocial Function
OCCT 533 - Principles of Research
OCCT 550 - Environmental Adaptations & Rehab. Tech.


Dr. Fairman's research interests include: assistive technology to support persons with cognitive deficits, mHealth systems to promote self-management and wellness in persons with chronic conditions, behavioral interventions and strategies including gamification, virtual rewards and social supports. Dr. Fairman is one of the inventors of the innovative mobile health (mHealth) system called iMHere (Interactive Mobile Health and rehabilitation) aimed at improving self-management skills and preventing and detecting secondary medical complications. She is also currently pursing commercialization of the iMHere system.

Current Funded Research:

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation
Dr. Fairman is a consultant on this project which will translate use of the iMHere mHealth system to support persons with spinal cord injuries.

Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Birth Defect and Development Disabilities
Dr. Fairman is a Co-Investigator on this project which aims to refine the application of the mHealth system called iMHere.

Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research Co-Investigator on subtask: "Telerehabilitation Enhanced Wellness Program for Spina Bifida" link: http://www.rerctr.pitt.edu/Projects/R3.html

This research center develops methods, systems, and technologies that support consultative, preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and address the barriers to successful telerehabilitation for individuals who have limited local access to comprehensive medical and rehabilitation outpatient services. We propose research and development activities addressing cognitive and vocational rehabilitation, communication technology assessment and training, telerehabilitation infrastructure, and prevention and management of secondary conditions.



4-5-14 American Occupational Therapy Association, Baltimore, MD
Research Presentation: "Developing Self-Management Skills in Persons with Spina Bifida via mHealth Applications: Clinical Efficacy Study"
Presenter: Andrea Fairman

4-4-14 American Occupational Therapy Association, Baltimore, MD
Poster: "Qualitative Experiences of Persons with Spina Bifida in a mHealth Wellness Program"
Presenters: Andrea Fairman, Rachel Horgan & Megan Rindfuss

11-9-13 Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA
Presentation: "Ready for Change? - Transitioning to New Practice Settings"
Presenter: Andrea Fairman, Elizabeth DeIuliis & Jennifer Bateson

5-21-13 Austill's Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
In-Service Presentation: Use of Mobile Applications in School and Community Settings
Presenter: Andrea Fairman

5-6-13 American Telemedicine Association Annual International Meeting & Exposition, Austin, TX
e-Poster: "Clinical Considerations in Developing a mHealth System to Support Self-Management"
Presenter: Andrea Fairman,*ATA published conference proceedings

4-26-13 American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference, San Diego, CA
Short Course: "Clinical Applications of Telehealth Technologies for Health and Wellness Services in OT"
Presenters: Tammy Richmond, Andrea Fairman & Kathleen Lyons

9-29-12 Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference, Lancaster, PA
Presentation: "The OT Entrepreneur: Concept to Commercialization"
Presenters: Andrea Fairman & Ivelisse Lazzarini

8-16-12 Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Great Works Symposium on "Perspectives on Disability"
Guest Lecture: "Assistive Technology: Research & Development"
Guest Speakers: Michael Glaser, Andrea Fairman, PIAT Representatives

10-28-11 Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference, Erie, PA
"Assistive Technology for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities"
Presenters: Andrea Fairman & Jamie Schutte

6-25-11 Spina Bifida Association National Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA
Technology to Improve Self-Management of Spina Bifida: for Healthcare Professionals
Presenters: Andrea Fairman & Brad Dicianno
Presentations led to article - "Ask the Expert: Tips for Adults Assistive Technology for Improved
Self-Care." Insights- Magazine published nationally by the Spina Bifida Association

5-2-11 American Telemedicine Association Annual International Meeting & Exposition, Tampa, FL
"Usability Testing of Smartphone Apps for Spina Bifida: Clinical Perspectives"
Presenter: Andrea Fairman,*ATA published conference proceedings

10-23-10 Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference, Scranton, PA
"Overview of Current Practice in Telerehabilitation"
Presenter: Andrea Fairman (contributors: Nancy Baker, Karen Jacobs & Rich Schein)

10-6-10 Science 2010 - Technology Showcase, Pittsburgh, PA
"TeleWellness Support Systems"
Presenters: Brad Dicianno & Andrea Fairman

6-30-10 Spina Bifida Association National Annual Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio
"Increasing Physical Fitness and Motivation through Exercise Using the GameCycleTM
Presenters: Theresa Crytzer, Brad Dicianno & Andrea Fairman

6-29-10 Spina Bifida Association National Annual Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio
"The Voyage to the Future Begins"
Presenters: Andrea Fairman, Ronna Linroth & T. Andrew Zabel

7-3-09 Spina Bifida Association National Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida
"Model for Transition - Employment & Income Support"
Presenters: Andrea Fairman & Mark Swanson, MD of the CDC

6-25-09 RESNA Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana
"Motion Recognition System for Remote Vocational Support" Poster Presentation
Andrea Fairman, Michael McCue, Edmund F. LoPresti, Jessica Hodgins, & Adam Bargteil

3-17-09 First World Congress on Spina Bifida Research & Care, Orlando, Florida
"Preparation for Adult Participation" Presentation in conjunction with the CDC
Presenters: Andrea Fairman, Ronna Linroth & Andrew Zabel

Honors and Awards

2010 BIG IDEA Competition - New Product Idea through the University of Pittsburgh's Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence

2009 SHRS Poster Competition - Won 1st place with Jamie Schutte for non-research poster "Wii-Hab" student community outreach activity to promote exercise and socialization for persons with developmental disabilities

2008-2009 Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Scholarship,
University of Pittsburgh, Rehabilitation Science & Technology Department - National Science
Foundation's flagship interdisciplinary training program, educating U.S. Ph.D. scientists and engineers by building on the foundations of their disciplinary knowledge with interdisciplinary training.