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Anne Marie FitzGerald

Assistant Professor
School of Education
Educational Foundations and Leadership

412A Canevin Hall
Phone: 412.396.2592


Ed.D., Educational Leadership, Lehigh University, 2013
M.Ed., Educational Administration, The College of New Jersey, 2000
B.Ed., K-8 Education, The University of Western Ontario, 1983

Anne Marie FitzGerald, Ed.D.

Anne Marie FitzGerald is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership, School of Education, Duquesne University. Her research interests include the community school model, community engaged research, the intersection of housing and educational policy, culturally and religiously responsive curriculum, and culturally relevant parental engagement. She currently teaches undergrad courses in social justice, graduate courses in advanced curriculum, and doctoral seminars in educational policy and family and community engagement. Previously, she taught in K-8 second-language teaching in diverse public schools in Canada and served as a PreK- 5 principal in a number of settings, including the US, Colombia, and Kuwait. She is a curriculum developer for the Leaders Supporting Diverse Learners (LSDL) project of the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), and is the recipient of the School of Education 2016 Award for Excellence in Service.

Publications and Presentations


Journal Articles

FitzGerald, A.M., & Quiñones, S. (2018, in press). Conditions and leadership practices facilitating Latino family engagement. Journal of Leadership and Policy in Schools.

Allen, E., & FitzGerald, A.M. (2017). Cultural care and inviting practices: Teacher perspectives on the influence of care and equity in an urban elementary school. Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice, 23, 5-26.

Hochbein, C., & FitzGerald, A.M. (2017). Managed school choice: Examining the intersection of housing and educational options, Journal of Urban Affairs, 1-20. doi 10.1080/07352166.2017.1328973.

FitzGerald, A.M. & Militello, M. (2016). Preparing school leaders to work in and with community. The School Community Journal, 26(2), 107-134.

Beachum, F., White, G., FitzGerald, A.M., & Austin, A. (2013). Urban schools: Poverty, plight, and potential. UCEA Review.

Huang, T., Beachum, F., White, G., Kaimal, G., FitzGerald, A.M., & Reed P., (2012). Preparing urban school leaders: What works?, Planning and Change, 43, 72-95.

Book Chapters

Meidl, C., Chao, X., FitzGerald, A.M. (2018, in press). Establishing asset thinking with preservice teachers: Community-engaged learning with young children from public housing. In M. Sulentic Dowell & T. Meidl, (Eds.), Handbook of research on service-learning initiatives in teacher education programs. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

FitzGerald, A.M., Wagner, M., & Dostilio, L. (2016). School, university, and community partnerships: Democratic dialogue for change. In Judith J. Slater, Ruth Ravid, and R. Martin Reardon (Eds.), Building and Maintaining Collaborative Communities: Schools, Universities, and Community Organizations. Information Age Publishing.

FitzGerald, A.M. (2015). Engaging Latino parents in the middle: Valuing, validating, and building upon what families already do, In K. L. Sanzo, I. E. Sutherland, & J. Scribner (Eds.), Leading Small and Mid-Sized Urban School Districts.. UK: Emerald Group Publishing.

Under Review

FitzGerald, A.M., & Quiñones, S. (2018). The community school coordinator: Leader and professional capital builder. The Journal of Professional Capital and Community.

Quiñones, S., & FitzGerald, A.M. (2018). Engaging a radical love of children, families, and neighbors: Exploring a case study of a community school through the lens of mercy. Submitted to the Center for Catholic Intellectual Tradition, as invited member of Mercy Scholars Interdisciplinary Roundtable.


FitzGerald, A.M., & Quiñones, S. (2017, November). The role of the community school coordinator. University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado.

FitzGerald, A.M., & Iwuchukwu, M. (2016, October). Helping Teachers to Create and Critique Culturally Responsive Curriculum. Paper presented at the Center for the Study of Leadership and Ethics Annual Conference, London, ON, Canada.

FitzGerald, A.M., & Quiñones, S. (2016, November). "No One Told Me How to Do It": Leading for Partnerships in a Community School. Paper presented at the University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) Annual Conference, Detroit, MI.

Hochbein, C. & FitzGerald, A.M. (2016, March). Spatial Analysis of Educational and Housing Opportunities of a Managed School Choice System. Paper presented at the Urban Affairs Association Conference, San Diego, CA.

FitzGerald, A.M. & Quinones, S. (2015). Conditions and leadership practices facilitating Latino family engagement. University Council on Educational Administration, San Diego, California.

FitzGerald, A.M. & White, G. (2014). Latino fathers' involvement in their children's education: Counternarratives fostering strengths-based thinking. American Educational Research Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

FitzGerald, A.M. & Hochbein, C. (2014). Managed school choice: Rupturing or reproducing inequity for families? University Council of Educational Administrators (UCEA), Washington, District of Columbia.

FitzGerald, A.M. (2014). Engaging Latino parents in the middle: Valuing, validating, and building upon what parents already do. University Council of Educational Administrators (UCEA), Washington, District of Columbia.

FitzGerald, A.M. (2013). Why and how do Latino parents get involved in their children's education? A test of Hoover-Dempsey and Sandler's model with middle school parents in a community school. University Council of Educational Administrators (UCEA), Indianapolis, Indiana.

Huang, T., Beachum, F., White, G. P., Kamal, G., & FitzGerald, A.M. (2011). Preparing urban school leaders: What works? American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Professional Affiliations

Consortium for Christian Muslim Dialogue, Duquesne University, 2016-2017 Invited member

International Network of Educators, Center on Family, School, and Community Partnerships, Johns Hopkins University, 2016-2017

The Family Involvement Network of Educators, Harvard Family Research Project, 2016-2017

World Education Research Association (WERA), Network on Educational Advocacy, 2015-2016 Invited member, Family and Community Engagement

Carnegie Project on the Educational Doctorate, S.I.G. EdD Programs for Social Justice, 2014- Present

American Educational Research Association, S.I.G. Family, School, Community Partnerships, 2012-Present

University Council of Educational Administration, 2011-Present

Editorial Board, Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, 2015-Present


Motivation in Education, GFDE 520

Policy and Politics in Education, EDDL 710

Research and Development, Policy Rotation, PDEL 751

Social Justice in Educational Settings, LTFL 204

Leadership Design and Practice, ProDEL 720

Advanced Curriculum, GADS 547

Foundations of Assessment, LTFL 208

Problems of Practice, Seminar 1, ProDEL 740

Problems of Practice, Seminar 2, ProDEL 730

Grants and Awards


2015: Quinones, S. & Fitzgerald, A., Canevin Center Small Grant, Co-Principal Investigator.
2015 [Year 1 of 2]: Mahalingappa, L. & Fitzgerald, A., Community Engaged Research Grant.


Early Career Award for Service, School of Education, Duquesne University