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Beth Surlow

6th Year Ph.D Student
Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Biological Sciences

Patton-Vogt Lab, Mellon Hall
Phone: x1796


B.S. Biochemistry, University of Dayton, 2005
Research Project

Our lab broadly studies glycerophospholipid metabolism and turnover at the plasma membrane in the yeast, S. cerevisiae. The glycerophospholipids are continually synthesized and degraded during normal cell growth. My project focuses on the physiological functions of the B-type phospholipases (PLBs), which deacylate glycerophospholipids to produce glycerophosphodiesters. I specifically study the functional interaction between Plb1 and Ypk1, a yeast protein kinase. My central hypothesis is that the cell surface PLBs are important for maintaining correct plasma membrane phospholipid composition, which in turn affects various cellular processes. Completion of this project will further our understanding of the role of the PLBs in plasma membrane remodeling and related cellular events.