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Daniel P. Watkins, PhD

McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

College Hall 619
Phone: 412.396.6438


Ph.D., English Romanticism, University of Maryland, 1981
M.A., English Literature, Auburn University, 1976
B.A., English, University of Northern Alabama, 1974

Trained in Nineteenth-century British Literature, with a special interest in the work of Byron, Dan Watkins teaches courses in Romanticism, Nineteenth-century British poetry and thought, Literary Theory, the Literature and Culture of the Sixties, and Twentieth-century African-American Literature.  Among his many publications are Social Relations in Byron's Eastern Tales, Keats's Poetry and the Politics of the Imagination, A Materialist Critique of British Romantic Drama, and Sexual Power in British Romantic Poetry.  He has also published numerous articles in such outlets as ELH, Philological Quarterly, Keats-Shelley Journal, and Studies in English Literature.  Currently he is exploring the connections between the literary and popular imaginations in contemporary culture, with a focus on various forms of popular music.


Book Publications

Anna Letitia Barbauld and Eighteenth-Century Visionary Poetics (The Johns Hopkins UP, 2012)

Sexual Power in British Romantic Poetry (U of Florida P, 1996)

A Materialist Critique of English Romantic Drama (U of Florida P, 1993)

Social Relations in Byron's Eastern Tales (Fairleigh Dickinson UP 1987)

Keats's Poetry and the Politics of the Imagination. (Fairleigh Dickinson UP 1989)

Spirits of Fire:  English Romanticism and Contemporary Historical Methods (co-edited with G.  Anthony Rosso).  Fairleigh Dickinson UP

English Romantic Drama (co-edited with Terence Allan Hoagwood).  This project is expansion and revision of the collection published in The Wordsworth Circle (see below).  It is not simply a reprint, but a full-blown re-working of the earlier work, several new contributors and new essays.  Fairleigh Dickinson UP (1998)


Book-length Study in Progress

“History, Vision, and the Pacifist Impulse in the Poetry of Yearsley and Baillie”


Essays in Books

"The Ideological Dimensions of Byron's The Deformed Transformed."  In Byron's Plays.  Eds. Robert F. Gleckner and Bernard Beatty.  Liverpool:  Liverpool U P  (1995)

"Gender, Self, and Subjectivity in Keats's Ode to Psyche."   In Keats and History.  Ed. Nicholas  Roe.  Cambridge:  Cambridge UP (1995)

“Scott the Dramatist."  In Romantic Drama:  Historical and Critical Essays. Eds. Terence Allan  Hoagwood and Daniel P. Watkins.  Fairleigh Dickinson UP (1998)

"Historical Amnesia and Patriarchal Morality in Keats's Ode on a Grecian Urn."  In Spirits of  Fire:  English Romanticism and Contemporary Historical Methods, pp. 240-59.  Eds. G.  Anthony Rosso and Daniel P. Watkins.  Rutherford, NJ:  Fairleigh Dickinson UP (1990)

"Coming to the Sacrifice."  In Contexts for Criticism.  2nd. ed.  Ed. Donald Keesey.  Mountain View California:  Mayfield Publishing Company, 1994

"A Historical Approach to the Eastern Tales:  The Case of Parisina."  In Approaches to Teaching Byron, pp. 94-99. Ed. Frederick W. Shilstone.  NY:  MLA, 1991.

"Byron and the Poetics of Revolution."  In The Critical Perspective:  Twentieth-Century   Criticism, vol. 6.  Ed. Harold Bloom.  NY:  Chelsea House Publishers, 1988


Article Publications

“History and Vision in Ann Yearsley’s The Rural Lyre.”  The Age of Johnson.  The Age of Johnson 20 (2010):  223-95.

"Class, Gender, and Social Motion in Joanna Baillie's DeMonfort."  The Wordsworth Circle 23(1992):  109-17

"'The Gait Disturb'd of Wealthy Honour'd Men':  Joanna Baillie's DeMonfort."  Nineteenth- Century Contexts 15 (1991):  143-51

“’In That New World':  The Deep Historical Structure of Coleridge's Osorio." Philological Quarterly 69 (1990):  495-515

"'Tenants of a Blasted World':  Historical Imagination in Charles Maturin's Bertram."  Keats-Shelley Review 4  (1989): 61-81

"Thomas Lovell Beddoes 'The Brides' Tragedy and the Situation of Romantic Drama."  SEL 29  (1989):  699-713

"History as Demon in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner."  Papers on Language and Literature,  24 (1988): 23-33

"William Robertson's History of America and Keats's `On First Looking into Chapman's  Homer.'"  English Language Notes 25 (1988): 44-49

"A Reassessment of Keats's Otho the Great."  Clio 16 (1986):  49-66

"Labor and Religion in D. H. Lawrence's `The Rocking-Horse Winner.'" Studies in Short Fiction,  24 (1987): 295-301

"Personal Life and Social Authority in Keats's Isabella."  Nineteenth-Century Contexts 11  (1987): 33-49

"Social Relations in Byron's Lara."  SEL.  Accepted (withdrawn prior to publication to be  included in Byron book)

"Social Hierarchy in Matthew Lewis's The Monk."  Studies in the Novel 18 (1986): 115-24

"Social Relations in Byron's The Giaour."  ELH 52 (1985): 873 92

"Byron and the Poetics of Revolution."  The Keats Shelley Journal 34 (1985): 95 130

"The Ideological Dimensions of Byron's The Deformed Transformed."  Criticism 25 (1983):  27 39

"Politics and Religion in Byron's Heaven and Earth."  The Byron Journal, 11 (1983): 30 39

"Violence, Class Consciousness, and Ideology in Byron's History Plays."  ELH 48    (1981):   799 816