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Lucia Osa-Melero

Assistant Professor
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts
Modern Languages and Literatures

Fisher Hall 204A
Phone: 412.396.6415


Ph.D., Language Teaching: Oral and Writing Skills, Universitat de Valencia, Spain, 2009
M.A.T., Teaching Spanish as a Second Language, University of Iowa, 2002
M.A., Foreign Language Education, University of Iowa, 2001
B.A., English Language and Literature, Universitat de Valencia, Spain, 1998

Dr. Lucía Osa-Melero joined the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures as Assistant Professor of Spanish in 2012. Her research focuses primarily on foreign language teaching methodologies, reading and pre-reading activities, and community service-learning.


Textbooks (*= equal authorship)

2015* Osa-Melero, L. En Acción: Español, comunidad y aprendizaje. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt. (with J. Jonhson). Spanish textbook for college upper level language courses with a focus on community engaged activities.

2009* Osa-Melero, L. En Comunidad: Comunicación y Conexión. New York: McGraw Hill. (with P. Nichols, J. Johnson, & L. Lemley) Spanish textbook for college 2nd year students with a focus on community service learning.

2007* Osa-Melero, L. En contexto: Manual de lecturas y películas. New York: McGraw Hill. (with M. García, F. Sacchi, & K. Theodoridou) Customized edition for University of Texas at Austin
Articles (Refereed)

Articles (Refereed)

2015 Osa-Melero, L. "A quantitative comparison of the effects of small group versus individual pre-reading activities on the reading comprehension of college students of Spanish." Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching (e-flt), 12 (1).

2012 Osa-Melero, L "A comparative analysis of the impact of cooperative vs. individual textbook-based pre-reading activities on the reading comprehension of intermediate-high college students of Spanish." Hispania, 95 (2).

Selected Awards and Honors

2013 - Duquesne Presidential Scholarship Award

2012 - Professional Development Award from the Texas Language Center "Reading activities for heritage speakers" 

2010 - Professional Development Award from the Texas Language Center "Implementing Leisure Reading of Authentic Novels as a Means to Analyze Language in Advanced Spanish Grammar Classes for Heritage Speakers"

2009 - Dissertation defense grade: Excellent Cum Laude

2007 - Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS) Research Grant given to University of Texas Department of Spanish and Portuguese Language Program

2002 - University of Iowa Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.


Conference Presentations (Refereed)


2015 El uso de textos literarios para reforzar conocimientos de sintaxis, morfología y gramática básica en las clases de español para estudiantes de herencia. ALDEEU. Annual Meeting, Segovia, Spain.

2015 El efecto del método inductivo en la adquisición de pronombres en cursos de composición y gramática española: Un estudio preliminar. CIMIE. Multidisciplinary International Conference on Educational Research, Valencia, Spain.

2014 Beyond the Standard Variety: Analysis and (Re)Production of Dialects and Registers. ACTFL Annual Meeting, San Antonio (with R. Bataller).

2014 Learning syntax, morphology and basic grammar through authentic literary texts. ACTFL Annual Meeting, San Antonio.

2014 Beyond linguistic variation: Analyzing and reproducing linguistic variation at lower level Spanish courses. PSMLA, State College, PA.

2014 The impact of inductive teaching on the learning of Spanish pronouns in advanced grammar and composition courses. Fifth Biennial Foreign Language Conference, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA.

2013 Beyond linguistic variation: Analysis and (re)production of dialects and registers" 5th Crossing Over Symposium at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH.

2012 Essential steps to start a service-learning program. ACTFL Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

2012 The effects of traditional group vs. individual textbook-based pre-reading activities on the reading comprehension of students of intermediate-high Spanish. Kentucky Foreign Language Annual Conference, Lexington, KY.

2011 Increasing awareness while implementing Spanish linguistic variation in the foreign language classroom. Kentucky Foreign Language Conference. Lexington, KY (with R. Bataller).

2010 Concienciación e implementación práctica de la variación lingüística en el lenguaje conversacional en las aulas de español como lengua extranjera (with R. Bataller) International Symposium: New Insights into the Study of Conversation. Applications to the Language Classroom, Granada, Spain.

2009 Guided and structured cooperative versus textbook-based individual pre-reading activities for intermediate-high college students of Spanish. AATSP Biennial Northeast Regional Meeting, Boston, MA.

2008 Integrating the other 4 Cs into the communicative classroom and beyond. ACTFL Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL (with P. Nichols, J. Johnson & L. Lemley).

2008 International volunteering: service-learning options abroad. ACTFL Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL (with P. Nichols, J. Johnson & L. Lemley).

2008 Integrating community service learning (CSL) with written and oral classroom activities. AATSP Annual Meeting, San José, Costa Rica (with L. Lemley).

2008 Connecting with your community through service learning. NECTFL Annual Meeting, New York, NY (with J. Johnson & J. Ortega).

2008 The effects of guided cooperative pre-reading activities on intermediate Spanish students. Texas Foreign Language Education Colloquium (Tex-Flec) poster session, Austin, TX.

2007 How to start a community service-learning program: Everybody can help! AATSP Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.

2006 The effect of cooperative guided pre-reading activities vs. non-cooperative traditional pre-reading activities in advanced ESL college students. AATSP Annual Meeting, Salamanca, Spain.

2002 What challenges do 1st year Spanish literature students encounter when reading a literary passage? FLESSA, Iowa City, IA.

2001 Spanish speaking test for elementary students: SOPI. The Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC), Saint Louis, MO (with Rebeca Bataller).

2001 Spanish speaking test for elementary students: SOPI. The MidWest Association of Language Testers (MwALT), Iowa City, IA (with Rebeca Bataller).