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Omar Steward

Professor Emeritus
Bayer School of Natural & Environmental Sciences
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mellon Hall
Phone: 412.396.6338


Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University.
B.A., University of Delaware

Dr. Omar Steward's research interests are directed in three main areas: the synthesis of coordination polymers and a study of their structure by x-ray diffraction, the effect of ligand structure on coordination geometry, and the use of organosilicon and organogermanium ligands in the synthesis and characterization of metal complexes.

Currently, we are investigating synthetic pathways to coordination polymers of the first-row transition metals with carboxylato and acetylacetonato ligands and pyrazine-type Lewis bases (see structure). Both homonuclear and heteronuclear polymeric structures are being explored. Single crystal x-ray diffraction studies are employed to determine the structures of these coordination polymers and to investigate the influence of ligand geometry on the chain structure and conformation. Magneto-structural correlations in relation to the polymer chain are of interest.

Metal complexes with ligands containing organosilicon and organogermanium groups are being studies to determine the effects of silicon and germanium on the metal environment relative to the carbon analogs. Ligand steric and electronic effects on the structure and properties of these complexes are under investigation. The synthetic utility of metal complexes containing ligands with organosilicon and organogermanium groups is being probed.