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Fr. Sean Kealy

Sean P. Kealy

Professor; Noble J. Dick Endowed Chair in Academic Leadership
McAnulty College of Liberal Arts
Department of Theology

Fisher Hall 603
Phone: 412.396.5619


S.T.L., Gregorian University, Rome; L.S.S., Biblical Institute, Rome

Author of over fifteen published books, many articles and reviews, Father Kealy he has lectured extensively in Europe, Africa and America. His main interests are in the Gospels, and the history of biblical scholarship. He has written commentaries on Mark, Luke, John and the Apocalypse, also Jesus and Politics and a number of studies in spirituality.

He has published articles and reviews in AFER, Doctrine and Life, The Irish Theological Quarterly, The Tablet, The Furrow, and The Catholic Biblical Quarterly. He is currently researching the history of the Lukan literature as a follow-up on his history of the other three Gospels.

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Synoptic Gospels and Acts, Johannine Literature, Wisdom Literature, Selected New Testament Texts, Book of the New Testament.

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Select publications:

An Interpretation of the Twelve Minor Prophets of the Hebrew Bible. New York: Mellen Biblical Press, 2009.

A History of the Interpretation of the Gospel of Mark. 3 Vols., New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 2008.

Luke's Gospel And the History of Biblical Interpretation. 2 Vols., New York: Mellen Biblical Press, 2005.

John's Gospel And The History of Biblical Interpretation. 2 Vols., New York: Mellen Biblical Press, 2002.

Matthew's Gospel and the History of Biblical Interpretation. 2 Vols., New York: Mellen Biblical Press, 1997.


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Few scholars would dare to-or be able to-accomplish what Professor Sean Kealy does in this extraordinary survey of scholarship on the Gospel of Luke, tracked from the dawn of the church to the present day. He notes that although Matthew seems to have been the most widely used gospel in the early centuries of the church, Luke's account has had a tenacious grip on the Christian imagination and its bold theology still holds sway. Kealy's wide-ranging and lively erudition enables him to track Lukan scholarship through the ages, including the current debate about the hegemony of critical biblical scholarship and the variety of new approaches demanding to be heard.

Fr. Donald Senior, C.P., President and Professor of New Testament, Catholic Theological Union at Chicago.


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