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Steven B. Vardy, Ph.D.

McAnulty Distinguished Professor of History
McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

College Hall 604b
Phone: 412.396.6470/80


Ph.D., History, Indiana University, 1967
M.A., History & Political Science, Indiana University, 1961
B.S., History & Philosophy, John Carrol University, 1959

Professor V-rdy is a specialist in the history of Russia, East Central Europe, the Habsburg Empire and the Ottoman Empire, as well as of the history of immigration. He has offered courses in all of these areas. Dr. V-rdy brings to the classroom an encyclopedic knowledge of these subjects, gained from distinguished career as one of the University's most prolific scholars. Yet, for all his deep knowledge, his students report that his classes are interesting and enjoyable.

In the past Professor V-rdy has taught such courses the history of Russia (on various levels), East Central Europe, Modern Central Europe, Habsburg Empire, Ottoman Empire, Christianity and Islam, and  American Immigration.


Professor V-rdy has authored, co-authored  or edited nearly two dozen books, over a hundred scholarly studies and book chapters, as well as about five hundred encyclopedia articles, essays, book reviews, and newspaper articles. His most important books include:

Modern Hungarian Historiography (1976),

The Hungarian Americans (1985), Clio's Art in Hungary and Hungarian America (1985),

Triumph in Adversity: Studies in Hungarian Civilization (1988),

The Austro-Hungarian Mind (1989),

Attila the Hun (1990),

Historical Dictionary of Hungary (1997),

Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe (2003),

Stalin's Gulag: The Hungarian Experience (2007),

German Contributions to Western Civilization (2009), and

Hungarian Americans in the Current of History (2010), as well as a dozen other. volumes.

Professor V-rdy's books in Hungarian include:

Magyarok az -jvil-gban. Az 'szak-amerikai magyars'g rendhagy- t-rt-nete [Hungarians in the New World. An Unorthodox History of Hungarian Americans] (Budapest, 2000), 840 pp., with a 33 page English language summary.

-jvil-gi k-zdelmek; Az amerikai magyars'g -lete 's az -haza [Struggles in the New World. The Life of Hungarian Americans and their Relations to the Old Country] (Budapest, 2005), 370 pp.; and

Magyarok a GULAG rabszolgat-boraiban [Hungarians in the Slave Labor Camps of the GULAG (Budapest,  2007,  2nd rev. ed. 2010), 366 pp.

Professor V-rdy has contributed nearly one hundred articles to such prominent encyclopedias as the McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of World Biography, Academic American Encyclopedia, The World Book Encyclopedia, The Grolier International Encyclopedia, Encyclopaedia Hungarica, Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Modern Eastern Europe, Encyclopedia of European Social History, Encyclopedia of New York State, Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, Encyclopedia of Christian Politics, Encyclopedia of American Immigration, as well as the Encyclopedia Americana, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica


In addition to various research grants, Dr. V-rdy is the recipient of Duquesne University's Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarship (1984), Hungary's -Berzseny-Prize- (1992), Invited Membership in the Hungarian Writers' Federation (1996), the -rp-d Academy's -Gold Medal- (1997), the -Officer's Cross' awarded by the President of the Republic of Hungary (2001), the -Pro Libertate- Diploma from the R-k-czi Foundation of Canada (2005), the -Gold Medal- of the Hungarian Revolutionary Committee on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the anti-Soviet Hungarian Revolution (2006), a Honorary Doctorate from the King Louis the Great University (2007), a Honorary Doctorate from the University of Miskolc, Hungary (2010), and an elected Membership in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2010).

Professor V-rdy has also been honored by his former students and colleagues from all over the world, who have published two Festschrifts [Memorial Volumes] in his honor. These include:

Hungary's Historical Legacies. Studies in Honor of Professor Steven B-la V-rdy, McAnulty Distinguished Professor of History (2000); and

Hungary Through the Centuries. Studies in Honor of Professors Steven B-la V-rdy and Agnes Husz-r. V-rdy (2012)


Editorial Boards:

1) Hungarian Studies Review  (University of Toronto)
2) Hungarian American Panorama (Budapest, Hungary)
3) Heritage (University of Miskolc, Hungary)

Conference papers:

Professor V-rdy has presented papers at about 80 national and international conferences throughout Europe and North America.

Professor V-rdy has delivered lectures at over two dozen prominent universities and cultural institutions in the United States, Canada, Europe, Balkans, and the Near East.

Research Grants, Visiting Professorships, Positions:

1962-1963 - Ford Dissertation Scholarship.

1969-1970 - Visiting IREX Scholar, Institute of History, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.

1972 - Co-Director, East European Studies Seminars, sponsored by the American Institute for Foreign Study at    the University of Budapest and at Bosphorus University in Istanbul.

Since 1973 - Founding President, Hungarian Cultural Foundation of Western Pennsylvania.

1975-1976 - Senior Visiting IREX Scholar, Institute of History, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the University of Budapest.

Since 1979 - Director, Duquesne University History Forum on several occasions during the 1980s and 1990s.

1981-1983 & 1993-1995 - President - American Association for the Study of Hungarian History.

1990 fall - Semester-at-Sea Program -Circumnavigating the Globe.  
Since 1996 - Member, Board of Directors, World Federation of Hungarian Historians, Budapest.

Since 1997  = Chairman, Institute for German American Relations [IGAR].

Since 1998 = McAnulty Distinguished Professor of History. Duquesne University.

Fall 2000 - Visiting Professor - Duquesne University's Rome Campus.  
Since 2004 - American Regional President, International Association of Gulag Researchers.

1970s-2000s - At least a dozen research scholarships from such foundations as: Ford, IREX, NEH, Rockefeller, Hunkele, Carnegie, DANK, Hillman, Noblel J. Dick, etc.

Professional Affiliations

During the past four decades I have held memberships in over half dozen scholarly associations. These include:
American Historical Association
American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies
Association for the Study of Hungarian History
American Hungarian Educators' Association
Association for the Study of Southeastern Europe
International Association of GULAG Researchers
International PEN, etc.