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Yihhsing Liu

Yihhsing Liu

Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Counseling, Psychology, and Special Education

209C Canevin Hall
Phone: 412.396.4026


Ph.D., Counseling and Counselor Education, Syracuse University, 2016
M.S.Ed., Community Mental Health Counseling, Duquesne University, 2011
B.A., Psychology, Duquesne University, 2008

Yihhsing Liu, Clinical Assistant Professor of Counselor Education, joined the faculty of Duquesne University in 2015. Prior to pursuing her career as a counselor educator, she practiced psychotherapy at Vera House and St. Joseph Hospital, Department of Family Medicine in Syracuse, New York. In addition, Dr. Liu practiced psychiatric nursing as a Registered Professional Nurse (RPN) in both the children and adult units at Taipei City Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Taiwan. Dr. Liu's clinical practice is informed by both the psychodynamic and trauma-focused approaches to counseling. She has provided dyadic and triadic clinical supervision for counselors-in-training, with a focus on the integration of trainees' theoretical orientation to counseling, professional development, and personal growth.

Yihhsing Liu's research and clinical interests fall under the broad category of trauma-informed care; behavioral medicine; clinical supervision; and systematic, multidisciplinary approaches toward issues of global mental health and social justice. She has conducted qualitative research on topics including the exploration of therapeutic discourses within initial sessions in the contexts of mental health counseling and family medicine, trauma-informed supervision, and post-traumatic growth.


International/National conferences

  • Bernard, J, M., Liu, Y., & Miller, A. (2013). Training Clinical Supervisors to Conceptualize Across Dimensions. Paper presented at the 2013 Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference, Denver, CO. 
  • Liu, Y. (2013, June). Trauma Focused Supervision: A Qualitative Inquiry of Novice Counselor's Experiences. Paper presented at the 9th International Conference on Clinical Supervision, Long Island, New York. 
  • Arthur, M., Kowel, C. D., & Liu, Y. (2012). Peer-defusing: Hospital-wide wellness initiative for medical professionals' compassion fatigue prevention and stress reduction. Paper presented at the 33rd Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine: "Promoting Well-being and Reflection among Medical Professionals," Chicago, IL
  • Liu, Y. (2012, July). Posttraumatic growth: Serving humanity by promoting transformation. Paper presented at the 30th International Congress of Psychology (ICP), Cape Town, South Africa. 

Regional conferences

  • Liu, Y. (2014). Conversation Analysis: An Emerging Methodology in Counseling Profession. Paper presented at the 46th annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association conference, State College, PA. 
  • Liu, Y. (2014). Internationalization of the Counseling Profession: Challenges, Opportunities, and Implications. Paper presented at the 2014 North Atlantic Regional Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NARACES), Providence, RI. 
  • Liu, Y., & Luke, M. (2014). Integration of Discrimination Model and Trauma Recovery Model in Clinical Supervision. Paper presented at the 2014 North Atlantic Regional Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NARACES), Providence, RI. 
  • Liu, Y., Vatter, B., Auld, L., & Tinsley, T. M. (2010). Developing multicultural competence through travel: Counselor education students' cross cultural immersion in Africa. Paper presented at the 42nd annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association conference, State College, PA. 
  • Liu, Y. (2010, September). Spatiality, gender, and ethnicity: A reflection on preschoolers' use of space in classroom. Poster session presented at the 2010 North Atlantic Regional Association For Counselor Education and Supervision (NARACES), New Brunswick, NJ. 

Graduate courses taught at Duquesne University:

  • GCNE 549: Multicultural Issues and Strategies in Counseling
  • GCNE 567: Community-Based Interventions
  • GCNE 569: Crisis, Trauma, and Disaster Counseling
  • GCNE 572: Child and Adolescent Counseling
  • GCNE 652: Career Development and Vocational Counseling

Doctoral courses taught at Duquesne University:

  • CESD 805 Leadership in A Diverse Society 
  • CESD 835 Doctoral Internship
Professional Affiliations


  • Certificate in University Teaching(CUT), Future Professoriate Program at Syracuse University 
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC), U.S.
  • Registered Professional Nurse (RPN), Taiwan
  • Registered Nurse (RN), Taiwan

Professional Membership:

  • American Mental Health Counselors Association 
  • International Psychotherapy Institute 
  • American Counseling Association 
  • American Psychoanalytic Association 
  • Association for Counselor Education and Supervision 
  • North Atlantic Region Association for Counselor Education and Supervision 
  • Taiwan Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Association 
  • Taipei City Nursing Association 
  • University Fellow, Syracuse University, 2011-2015
  • Teaching Mentor for the Teaching Assistant Program, Syracuse University, 2013 and 2014
  • Award of School of Education Research and Creative Grant Competition, Syracuse University, 2012 and 2014