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Why Honors Students Choose Duquesne

The University Honors College is based on the five pillars of Duquesne's Spiritan Catholic identity:

  1. academic excellence
  2. moral and spiritual growth
  3. ecumenism
  4. service to others
  5. attentiveness to global concerns 

    We expect honors students to embody these pillars by asking deeper, more profound questions in their academic work.

    Opportunities for Growth

    Honors College students gain unique, tangible opportunities to merge their professional goals with creative work in the humanities and liberal arts. Regardless of major, you will delve even deeper into literature, history, philosophy, theology, music,arts  and other humanities fields. 

    Students are happiest and most successful in the Duquesne University Honors College when they understand and are inspired by profound questions.

    We've found that the humanities offer us the beginnings of answers to why students choose their professions, and how they will best serve other human beings – whether that be as lawyers, pharmacists, speech therapists, educators, or any other career.

    Learn more about why students choose the Honors College.