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Meet Our Honors Students

Honors Students in IHP 200W

Students in the Community and University honors seminar are working in the Hill district. Read about their adventures here.
Follow their blog.


Emily Grecco,  Education

Honors College sophomore Emily Grecco is one of 40 students nation-wide participating in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the passing of the civil rights bill. As part of the event she will be meeting with the original freedom riders as well as civil right luminaries and high ranking government officials where she will be joining them on a bus ride from Washington, DC to Richmond, Virginia. You can follow Emily's journey at her blog.

Thomas Dean, Liberal Arts

Thomas is in Germany for Spring 2014, read his blog.


Molly Nicol, R.S.H.S

Molly studied abroad in fall 2013, read her blog and watch her video.


Francesca Yazbek, Business

Francesca studied in Rome for fall 2013, follow her blog. 


Andrew Witchger, B.S.N.E.S

Read article about Andy. A Physicist's Dream: The Summer of Studying Subatomic Particles in Italy


 Kiersten Erlanson, B.S.N.E.S

Kiersten studied abroad in Rome for the summer 2013 semester, follow her blog


Ellen Gaus, Liberal Arts

Ellen was in Ireland for fall 2013, read her blog. 


Priam Chakraborty, Honors Fellow and student in the Natural Sciences

Priam worked in a hospital in the Czech Republic summer (2013). Follow her blog here.


 Katie Wozniak, B.S.N.E.S 

Katie a student of the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences was in Tanzania for three months for a study abroad program. Follow Katie's blog in Tanzania.

Vasilii Bushunow, B.S.N.E.S

 Vasilii Bushunow's Essay on Cancer in Honor of James "Rhio" O'Connor