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Prospective Online Student FAQs

Have Questions?

You may have many questions regarding online education at Duquesne University and what you need to do to get started. Below are the top questions we often get asked.  

What skills does online learning require?

Online learning comes with the freedom to choose when you learn and where you learn. With this freedom comes the responsbility to schedule and plan your time wisely, or take charge of your learning. While an advisor will be available to help you stay on track, you will also need to be good at organizing your time. For a description of other useful skills for success as an online learner, please review our Successful Online Learners and Online Course Overview.

What application do I use?

Please go to our Graduate Admissions Application page and select the School you wish to apply to.

What will my classes be like?

Your classes will be engaging, interactive, and participatory! You will be part of a community of learners involved in coursework, collaboration, and learning with your peers and from your professors about the course's content. Read more about the characteristics of our online courses - Online Course Overview.

Will I be able to get help with technical issues and my learning?

Duquesne University is committed to student success! You will have writing and learning support, a help desk, an Advisor, and others to help you stay focused on your learning. You will have easy access to many support services right within your online course site.

Will I have to be online at specific times?

Occasionally, but not for all your courses. Some of your professors will ask students to attend a live webinar session as part of the course's instructions. These times will be posted when you register for the course, and the sessions will be archived and available to you.

How will I take exams in my online course?

Except for unique situations, you can take your exams anywhere you have an Internet connection and are able to log-in to your course site. For some of your exams, you will be asked to use our online exam proctoring service. Not all courses have formal exams. You will find our professors use many forms of assessment, such as papers, projects, and webinar presentations to evaluate your performance and learning.

When I graduate will my diploma say Duquesne University Online?

Your diploma will say Duquesne University, and you will join 86,000 other Duquesne University alumni! You will be invited to join Duquesne's Alumni Association, network with fellow graduates, participate in one of the many nation-wide alumni events, receive Duquesne's alumni magazine, and proudly wear a Duquesne class ring and our blue and red colors!