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Technology Requirements for Online Students

Having the appropriate computer and Internet connection (ISP) can greatly enhance your experience as an online learner. The following recommendations provide a baseline for a successful online learning experience.

PLEASE NOTE: While you can engage with much course content through your Android Tablets and smartphones and your IPad and IPhone using the Blackboard (Bb Student) Mobile app, you should consider these devices optional and secondary devices for your online learning. We strongly recommend that online students have a laptop or desktop available to complete course work, assessments, and engage with various forms of content.

As a Duquesne Student, you have access to a number of software products that are supported and maintained by the University.

The Duquesne University Computer Store also offers educational discounts to Duquesne Students on hardware and software.

Internet Connection / ISP

Students should have a wired or wireless DSL or Cable Internet connection.

Hardware and Peripherals for PC or MAC

Unless specified by the online program site, you can use either a PC or MAC machine.

  • 2.5 GHz processor or faster
  • 8GB RAM or greater 
  • 500 GB hard drive or larger
  • 1024x768 resolution monitor or greater and supporting video card
  • Sound card and speakers
  • DVD/CD-RW drive
  • Inkjet printer with scanner and copying functions
  • Integrated speakers and USB headset with microphone
  • Integrated Webcam for video conferencing
Operating Systems

 Windows® 7 or later or Mac OS Mountain Lion or

  • Microsoft Office 2010 (PC) or 2011 (MAC) [Microsoft Office Professional Academic recommended] 
  • Minimum of 2 installed Internet Browsers

Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9.0 or later  (PC)
Apple Safari latest release (MAC)
Mozilla Firefox latest release (PC or MAC)
Google Chrome latest release

  • Adobe® Reader latest release